East/West Shrine Bowl Day 2 Recap: Skill Players

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The 2020 East/West Shrine Week is officially underway and Tuesday saw a slew of unheralded 2020 NFL Draft prospects take Tropicana Field for yet another set of practices. The mission? To show the NFL personnel in attendance they are worthy of being a priority in the upcoming draft.

This year's roster is filled with a number of players from different backgrounds. Canadian players, FCS prospects and Power Five four-star recruits alike mix into this week's melting pot of prospects — which makes for a very fun environment when seeing them clash on the field.

We've split the workload to watch the trenches and see the boundary players. Here are the primary takeaways on the skill players and back seven athletes from Day 2 of the East/West Shrine Bowl practices.

Tavien Feaster, RB, South Carolina

Tavien Feaster had himself a nice day at practice. Feaster illustrated several confident cuts, probed gaps effectively and found room to run. Evaluating running backs in a setting like this is somewhat of a challenge, but he meets the eyeball test and showed open-field burst to uncover his strides on the second level. It's an unenviable year to be a rusher, given the depth of the class which makes Feaster somewhat of a sleeper. More days like today will help his cause throughout the pre-draft process. 

Malcolm Perry, WR, Navy

Malcolm Perry is an interesting study, given his status as the quarterback at the Naval Academy. Here in St. Petersburg, Florida, he's serving as a wide receiver, and he's showing some promise. This is a developmental prospect if we've ever seen one — a promising athlete tasked with a new role. Perry is flashing enough natural quickness and athletic ability to make you stop and ask what might be there to work with, provided you can give him time. 

Freddie Swain, WR, Florida

I entered this week hopeful Freddie Swain would show promise, but it hasn't materialized for him through two days of practice. Swain dropped a punt today and generally lacked the juice of some of his contemporaries at the position, which leaves you wondering what exactly he ceiling might be. He needs a strong rebound Wednesday. 

Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida 

Mitchell Wilcox is an undersized athlete at the tight end position, and he certainly fits the bill there. He didn't have the best of showing Tuesday after letting a ball get away from him on a deep throw down the field. As is the case with most flex TEs, value is going to be a wildcard. Wilcox will do well if he continues to cook those he draws in assignment the rest of the week. But he's got to keep the ball off the turf. 

Shaquille Quarterman, LB, Miami

Shaquille Quarterman had a nice day. He was tasked with taking some zone drops in team drills and looked to have the range to handle himself against his fellow Shriners. To boot, Quarterman illustrated clean feet in his run-read drills, hardly fitting the profile of the two-down plodder some have pegged him. 

Jeremiah Dinson, S, Auburn 

Jeremiah Dinson is one of the big winners of the week. He showed sticky in man-to-man coverage against Wilcox this morning and finished the reps by raking through the hands at the catch point — while also showing deeper coverage skills throughout the day. Dinson will be a name I'm looking for Wednesday to see how well he can sustain success. 

Elijah Riley, CB, Army

Elijah Riley is going to be an interesting projection. He was tasked with playing nickel defender at East practice and that may very well be where I end up favoring him when it is all said and done. Riley is a scrappy player and his skills moved closer to the line of scrimmage are likely to serve him well as a tackler. 

Nick Westbrook, WR, Indiana

Nick Westbrook had a booming day today for the West team. He showed strong ball skills and hauled in several vertical shots in team drills. Westbrook also had some slippery reps in the shallow areas in one-on-ones. Westbrook is big and long — skills he successfully implemented Tuesday while winning on a contested slant and on two deep shots, one down either sideline. 

Juwan Johnson, WR, Oregon

It was a big rebound day for Juwan Johnson. As practice kicked off Monday, he found separation hard to come by and issues with finishing targets. On Tuesday, Johnson had a very different outing. He used his size to his advantage, creating separation with hand fighting and more double moves. His mic-drop moment came on the last rep of West practice as he turned Arizona cornerback Jace Whittaker inside out for a slick reception — clinching a "win" for the West team's offensive in head-to-head one-on-ones to end the day. 

Keith Washington, CB, West Virginia

Keith Washington was a positive story Monday but Tuesday he left you wanting a little bit more. Washington was targeted quite often throughout the West practices and struggled to stay on the body of his receiver. With some of the other corners flashing more combative play at the catch point, Washington will want to come back strong again. 

Dele Harding, LB, Illinois

Dee Harding officially has my attention. With 153 total tackles and 14.5 tackles for loss last season, Harding was sure to catch your eye in the stat sheet. But through two days, he's caught attention on the field as well. This isn't the biggest linebacker in the world, but Harding has very good range and shows fearlessness to charge into the pile and plug up gaps. He flashed in the mobility drills during practice too — not wasting steps to pivot or change directions. Harding has helped himself this week and will look for another exclamation point practice Wednesday. 

Chris Williamson, CB, Minnesota 

Chris Williamson wasn't as dominant as he appeared to be Monday, but he does have a lot of likable traits. He's one of the quicker West cornerbacks to close down in space and attack the ball and is a physical defender. As a Florida transfer, there's clearly a baseline skillset here and something to work with. If he continues to progress throughout the week, he will help his profile significantly. 

Written By:

Kyle Crabbs

Director of Scouting

Kyle Crabbs is the Director of Scouting for The Draft Network. Prior to his time with TDN, Kyle worked for seven years as the founder of his own third-party scouting service, NDT Scouting. Providing media coverage and also consultation services for agencies, Crabbs penned an annual NFL Draft Prospectus featuring 300+ player profiles on an annual basis from 2014-2020. Crabbs is currently the co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast with fellow TDN scout Joe Marino and helps coordinate TDN's national scouting effort.