2019 NFL Draft Player Report: Maxx Crosby

Photo: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

NAME: Maxx Crosby

SCHOOL: Eastern Michigan



CLASS: Redshirt Junior

JERSEY: No. 92


HT: 6-5

WT: 247

D.O.B.: Not Available

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First Step Quickness –Lacks any notable spring out of his stance. Appears to have too much weight on the back half and can improve release with adjusted weight distribution. Lacks speed through the apex of the turn as well, long strides require a runway to build up momentum and speed.

Hand Technique/Length – Easily his best quality. Plays with finesse effectively and can shed a stun punch with well placed swipe. Utilizes length effectively to dance around a blocker without getting locked up. Has nifty rip that pops hands off his chest when looking to cross face.

Pass Rush Counters –Utilizes long arm in efforts to reduce his rush angles, but lacks the oomph to make it stick. Crosses face with high swim and/or rip move effectively. Best outside combo is a rip/pull to yank OTs off of their pass sets and work hips around the peak of the rush.

Flexibility –Tight throughout the hips. Struggles to reduce his surface area and duck the shoulder to play through contact. Pad level is problematic and will result in him getting pushed around a lot by chips and punches from well framed blockers.

Run Defending –Gap penetration reps are most effective, when he is able to uncover in the gap and then play with length at the mesh point. Does not showcase good hand placement when stacking blocks and will give up his chest. Easy to manipulate at the point of attack as a result.

Competitive Toughness –Love his effort, will make concentrated efforts to get down the LOS off the backside and scrape in event of a cutback. Second effort shows up as a rusher to get back into the face of the passer. Functional strength is lacking and does not reset the LOS when locking horns with OTs or TEs.

Tackling –Wingspan shows up when in pursuit, is a pain to account for in a pile with long reach and awareness to poke at the ball when tackling. Mirror skills are limited due to tightness in the hips and is not a consistent finisher when facing up ball carriers one on one on the edge.

Lateral Mobility –Pretty rigid in space but does possess wide strides and ability to chew up ground with his lengthy frame. Does not showcase lateral burst and when cornering and/or changing direction needs space to turn corners without laboring.

Stand Up Ability –Has been tasked with crashing and stunting through gaps from a two point stance and length has been problematic as a rusher. Does not have the hip mobility or the movement skills to play in space as an isolated run defender or as a shallow zone pass defender.

Football IQ –Crafty finesse player who understands how to make the most of his skills courtesy of his hands. Appears to be a bit of an overachiever vs. his physical skill set, a testament to his technique and ability to with prior to locking horns with blockers.

BEST TRAIT – Hand Technique

WORST TRAIT – Competitive Toughness

BEST FILM – Toledo (2018)

WORST FILM – San Diego State (2018)


Maxx Crosby has several intriguing traits that will make him a prospect worth investing in. Crosby's length and sense of hand usage allow him to play with finesse in space and defeat blocks prior to first contact. Yet Crosby's frame has ample room to grow and his lack of power elements are problematic once he's challenged at the POA. Crosby lacks high end physical tools, will need to add mass to further flesh out his game.


Written By:

Kyle Crabbs

Director of Content

Director of Content & Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast. Former NDT Scouting Overlord.