Tua Tagovailoa

QB, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #13
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 03/02/1998
  • WT 219 lbs





    PROS: Love how controlled he is among chaos and somehow finds ways to stay in rhythm. He’s a cool customer that wins from the feet up in the pocket. Does a terrific job navigating the pocket, keeping his eyes down the field and finding his outlets under duress. He isn’t the tallest quarterback but the density of his frame is ideal for his style of play. He is balanced and rhythmic with his footwork in the pocket and is generally synched up properly with his routes. Has success challenging all levels of the field with sound accuracy. Takes full advantage of the incredible speed at his disposal with the Bama WRs and works the football down the field with excellent success. Generally does well to get himself aligned properly to his targets. Very deliberate with lower body follow through and rotation. There were some challenges late in the 2018 season but Tua generally reads coverages with comfort and understands coverage rotation while showcasing the ability to hit throws with anticipation. Processing speed is mostly sound. Does well to recognize opportunities pre-snap and execute post-snap. Love his overall tempo between his drops, progressions and trigger. Effectively mixes up his fastball and changeup based on the type of throw required for the situation. Makes some gorgeous touch throws that are dropped in the bucket and between zones. Impeccable character and leadership qualities. 

    CONS: Delivery features a slight hitch. Base will occasionally narrow and impact his release point. Has some intermittent issues staying on top of the ball on quick outs. Missed some coverage rotations vs Georgia and Clemson late in 2018 that led to costly turnovers. On a few instances (enough to note), it appeared that he didn’t read the same leverage as his receiver on some deep shots. Arm strength is good enough but he doesn’t have a cannon. Injury history is concerning. 

    BEST TRAIT - Accuracy

    WORST TRAIT - Durability

    RED FLAGS - 2019 Hip Injury

    NFL COMP - Drew Brees

    Tua Tagovailoa features a skill set that translates wonderfully to the style of offense that productive NFL teams employ. His quick processing skills, trigger, accuracy and ability to remain comfortable under duress are exceptional qualities that give him a great chance to succeed at the next level. Tagovailoa does have a concerning injury history, some room for mechanical improvement and modest throwing power to be mindful of. From an intangibles and leadership perspective, Tagovailoa has the right DNA to become the face of the franchise his organization can be proud of. He has the upside to start when he’s cleared medically and develop into an unquestioned starter for a prolific offense.