Tristan Wirfs

OT, Iowa

  • Conf Big Ten - West
  • Jersey #74
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 01/24/1999
  • WT 322 lbs





    Pass Sets - He's sharp to snap out of his stance and takes good cadence and angles to widen rushers and steepen angles. When he's tested vertically, he doesn't seem to have the ideal drive/catch to get depth and as a result he can compromise the base or have to flip and carry too soon. He's rarely caught with narrow feet, though.

    Length - Meets requisite length to play on the outside. His hand strikes, timing and placement all help for effective stickiness or to bury undisciplined rushers entering his space out of control. He's got the needed length to extend and run rushers around the apex of the turn without concern.

    Balance - Only a handful of times where he's let a defender get under his pads and roll hips through. His body control in space is terrific, he might be the best in the class in getting attached to bodies on the second level. Really impressive to see him on the hoof as a puller or screen blocker given his monstrous status.

    Hand Technique - His hammer, snatch and one hand strikes are all really efficient and show versatility to claim wins at first contact. He's got potent strength to turn/ torque and push/pull defenders out of gaps. Pairs hand strikes with his feet quite well to ensure he's anchored and able to provide potent power to stun upfield push.

    Power at POA - Don't get caught on the tracks when he's driving out of his stance. His hip engagement and lower body power to roll through contact is devastating and he's constantly bubbling the LOS or creating creases on down blocks. Dominant presence in short spaces and double teams to tear open running lanes.

    Football IQ - Steady development culminated with a terrific 2019. He's illustrating mastery of hand strikes, angles and has shown good awareness of second level delayed blitzes as well. Works in one of the best NFL OL pipelines in the country and there should be little concern over his ability to mentally handle assignments.

    Functional Athleticism - Skills in space, in quick sets and mirror instances are all excellent. He's capable of mirroring speed rushers and flipping to drive inside stunts into his OG effortlessly. Seeing him work down field as a lead blocker on outside runs gives you all the perspective you need — athletic unicorn on the gridiron.

    Anchor Ability - Well built to handle bull rushes and speed to power. He's dense through the lower half and has needed bend to drop the hips and anchor. He's not one to test with power unless you've got a clear length advantage and elite testing. Secondary recovery is effective as well thanks to core strength.

    Flexibility - He doesn't have the most dynamic vertical stance and reach on the outside leg isn't top shelf. That said, it's effective. His lateral flexibility and bend through the knees and hips to keep center of gravity low for movement economy is much more impressive and provides him with rare combination of size and body control.

    Competitive Toughness - He's a bulldozer in the power run game. Gleefully pile-drives linebackers and secondary defenders when he's tasked with working as a lead blocker in space. His toughness and raw power will help him transform and shift the tone of an offensive line — even if he's asked to play inside. 


    Best Trait - Power at POA

    Worst Trait - Vertical Sets

    Best Film - USC (2019)

    Worst Film - Michigan (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Tristan Wirfs should be considered a plug and play starter at the next level. It's understanding why some will want to move him inside to play at OG — his vertical pass sets aren't where he's best and playing him inside limits that exposure. But I'm ready to give him a crack at RT first — he's got tremendous ability in space, a strong anchor, fluid feet and explosive pads. He's scheme diverse and his candidacy to kick inside will only provide greater value to protect against busting. 

    Updated: 02/08/2020