Trey Smith

IOL, Tennessee

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #73
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB 06/16/1999
  • WT 325 lbs




    PROS: What a monster! When he's encouraged to drive off of the ball or pull around the set to open up gaps in power concepts, he'll steal your soul. Raw power is just incredible, he's impressively built for a younger player and has an NFL ready body right now. He was tasked with playing Left Tackle and did an admirable job staying sticky in less than ideal conditions. His home at the next level is inside, but he'll mitigate so many of his issues in there and be free to operate in the phone booth and align his hands and pads much easier. He's got a great natural anchor and you're not going to press him backwards into the passer if you try him with pure power. 

    CONS: Medical status is a huge question mark -- he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs back in October and hasn't played football since...he's out indefinitely. If and when Smith does come back, he needs to be put on the outside. Sample size of playing isolated on the edge has highlighted a lack of reach to dictate first contact and the lack of lateral quickness in his pass sets to retain leverage over the rusher. He'll give up the edge quickly and have to flip over hips to chase the play, which comes with varying degrees of success. He'll be protected much more inside, so he's got little upside at Tackle. 

    Updated: 07/29/2019