Trevor Lawrence

QB, Clemson

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey --
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB 10/06/1999
  • WT 220 lbs


    PROS: Physically gifted. Has terrific size, athleticism and arm talent. Does well to read coverage and identify leverage. Willing to challenge tight windows and trust his ability to place the football. Has just the right amount of arrogance to believe he can make every throw. Always keeps his eyes down the field and makes subtle moves within the pocket to avoid rushers and find throwing windows. Comfortable navigating the pocket in every direction. Patient and allows for routes to develop without getting panicky. Demonstrates good poise and comfort under pressure. Willing to take an extra hitch when necessary and remain balanced. Ball placement is generally outstanding to all levels of the field. Works the entire field in terms of depth and width. Does well to lead targets into space and maximize post-catch opportunities for his weapons to work. Throwing motion and release are efficient. Quickly snaps off throws with no elongated movement. Deliberate with his lower body mechanics to set his platform and rotate through throws with ideal weight transfer. Has no limitations in terms of arm strength to throw the ball into deep windows and generate the velocity needed for deep outbreaking patterns. Is an excellent runner with the football both by design and when he scrambles. Super tough - takes hits and keeps battling. Isn’t afraid to drop his pad level and challenge tacklers with physicality when a first down is on the line. Comfortable working off-script and keeping plays alive. 

    CONS: Can be guilty of holding onto his first read for too long and end up tardy to get to his second read. There are reps where it feels like his intentions with the football are predetermined and he doesn’t come off that idea quick enough. Some deeper passes tend to be under-thrown and to the wrong leverage, particularly along the sideline. Has moments when slotting throws in quick game that he appears to be aiming his throws instead of naturally getting the football to the right spots.