Tommy Sweeney

TE, Boston College

  • Conf ACC
  • Jersey #89
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 253 lbs



    Route Running -He doesn't run a super versatile tree and he certainly doesn't offer a lot of juice at the top of his breaks. Instead, he's best sitting down in holes and uncovering for his passer. Can be passive to work around defenders and give up leverage on crossers. 

    Hands - Terrific hands. Does really well both when tested with his catch radius and when his QB leads him into traffic to hang tough and convert contested catches. His catch radius is notable and shows strong fingertips to get hold of the ball. 

    Versatility -He's not very dynamic and isn't going to stress teams with his open field ability. He's a reliable blocker who can play with his hand in the dirt and shows good grasp of hand techniques and skills to win leverage is he's getting bubbled. 

    Contested Catch Ability -Toughness is present, as is hand-eye coordination and hand softness to put away some throws in traffic. Not dissuaded by a squatting defender ready to pop him at the catch point. His ability to play "above the rim" is pretty modest. 

    Run After Catch Ability -Pedestrian. He's got rumbling power but almost no creativity at all and lacks in the needed juice to create separation and break pursuit angles in the open field. Not going to be a chunk gain receiver unless he's left totally unattended.  

    Power At POA - He's pretty stout. Handed one on ones against some notable defenders (Ferrell) with effectiveness and admirable anchor. Comes off the ball hard and does well to use his hands to create a stun. Runs the feet through contact and offers enough power to push DEs. 

    Competitive Toughness - Blue collar player who has had to make the most of effort since he's lacking in the athleticism department. Does well to ride out defenders along the point of attack and ensure he's stuck on the hip of blocks. Bulldozer as a receiver after the catch. 

    Flexibility - Doesn't have a lot of dynamic movement and doesn't carry his speed particularly well when his eyes are flipped back to the football. With that said, he does get himself around to square to the ball effectively and ensure he's cleanly catching the nose of the ball. 

    Balance - He's a bit of an upright runner and doesn't show a lot of lateral mobility to change directions and slide across the face of defenders in tight spaces. That said, he offers good cadence in his feet when engaged with defenders to stay framed. 

    Football Intelligence - Like his hand technique to snatch unsuspecting DL. He shows good leverage and twist ability with his hands to soften up angles and allow his ball carrier a crease. Smart, quick decisions on his route stems to flip eyes back to his QB. 

    BEST TRAIT - Hands

    WORST TRAIT - Functional Athleticism

    BEST FILM - Wake Forest (2018)

    WORST FILM - Clemson (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Tommy Sweeney projects as a rock solid TE2 at the NFL level. Sweeney doesn't have great functional athleticism and won't separate consistently against man coverage, but as a run blocker and a short area chain mover vs. zone, Sweeney has plenty to offer an NFL team. Sweeney would benefit from cleaning up his frame in an effort to add some functional athleticism but his ceiling is pretty low as an every down player. Look for him to excel in a complimentary role.  

    Round Grade - Fifth Round