Te'Von Coney

LB, Notre Dame

  • Conf FBS Independents
  • Jersey #4
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB --
  • WT 240 lbs




    Football Intelligence –Likable patience between the tackles to not overrun his scrapes. Takes appropriate flow when tasked with stepping with a pulling guard or making a cross-key in the backfield. Confidence disappears in pass reps, gets frozen by pass sets.

    Tackling –Explosive hitting power when stepping down into gaps. Does well to contort late and peel off of blockers to challenge in traffic. Shows a firm grasp, not often will he let a ball carrier out of his wrap challenges. Brings good burst when challenging downhill.

    Block Shedding –Second effort plays and physical punch both show up with frequency, allowing for a high number of finishes at the ball. Has modest length and effective upper body punch to roll back pads and create a reset LOS at first contact. Lateral scrape to finish disengage is limited.

    Competitive Toughness –Tough, hard nosed player. Not afraid to stick his face in a fan, will step hard into A-gaps with the intent of jolting lead blockers and pullers. Pursuit is notable on film and doesn't leave plays on the field, works hard to get involved, even after getting caught in the trash.

    Lateral Mobility –Modest range thanks to quick decisions against the run. Is not going to cover sideline to sideline on account of labored transition steps, will give up the edge against quick hooks and soft edges. Short area lateral shifts often result in blockers getting a big piece of pads.

    Coverage Skills –Will offer little to nothing in the pass game. Hips are far too stiff to justify keeping on the field for turn and run reps against HBs or to hinge and get depth in zones.Can be used as a "green dog" blitzer but such a role is a roll of the dice to not get him caught in coverage.

    Gap Shooting Ability –Has a working first step that will effectively place pads into the hole with needed momentum to roll up blockers. Anticipation on down blocks is effective and yields a lot of production between the tackles. Explosion is most prominent from C-gap to C-gap.

    Feet/Change of Direction –Struggles in non-linear situations. Feet are awkward and clunky when required to flip hips open and step over his outside foot for speedy scrapes. Labored against cuts against the grain and struggles to recollect momentum.

    Flexibility –Hip tightness is at times a crippling limitation. Totally unable to hinge and open with any speed, will get tested greatly with outside concepts and when attacked in pass coverage. Pad level can drop in linear charges but directions other than forward are severely limited.

    First Step Quickness –Has enough juice to close ground quickly in open space, taking good angles and covering ground into tackles. Has had some success as a second level blitzer and crash hard through gaps to create a mess of the pocket.

    BEST TRAIT – Competitive Toughness

    WORST TRAIT – Flexibility

    BEST FILM – Michigan (2018)

    WORST FILM – Wake Forest (2018)

    RED FLAGS –Served a year of probation after being arrested for marijuana possession during a traffic stop in August 2016.

    LB Te'Von Coney projects as an early down linebacker at the NFL level. Coney's range and impact on passing downs are major hurdles to a featured role, but his physical limitations present a very limited ceiling with little room for growth. Coney has the physicality to be a force defender in the box and plug up gaps. Coney is ideally a rotational defender who gets run in early downs and short yardage situations, although that role comes with a limited value.

    Round Grade - Fifth Round