Terrill Hanks

LB, New Mexico State

  • Conf Independents
  • Jersey #2
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2''
  • DOB 12/07/1995
  • WT 235 lbs


    Coverage - Has good awareness picking up routes to his zone and gets the proper depth in his drops. Experience at safety is evident. Fluid mobility allows him to read the backfield and work into throwing lanes. Has the athletic ability needed to carry routes into space vs RBs and TEs.

    Tackling - There are positive reps where he wraps us, aims low and brings his feet through contact but they are inconsistent. Has issues coming to balance and frequently under/over pursues. Must take cleaner angles to the football. Has his share of whiffs. Some egregious arm tackle attempts.

    Blocks - Has difficulty sifting through traffic in pursuit of the ball. Gets stuck on blocks with minimal technique to disengage. Gets rooted out of gaps by lead blockers. Most of his success defeating blocks is because of his athleticism and ability to slip/undercut blocks.

    Physicality - Not afraid to exchange power but doesn't always come out on top. Will take on blocks but lacks the power the stack and shed. Contact balance as a tackler is lacking and he will get taken for a ride.

    Motor - High urgency football player that relentlessly pursues the football. Flies downhill when asked to run blitz or rush through a gap. Will cover ground and work hard to get to the football.

    Processing - Tape is littered with misreads and running himself out of plays. Transitioned from safety to linebacker as a senior and he's still acclimating to the position. Always takes the cheese on misdirection and play fakes. Commits quickly but often incorrectly.

    Range - Has no issues covering distances and chasing down plays from the backside. Can work across the formation and make plays from sideline to sideline. Gets good depth in his drops.

    Flexibility - Fluid hips that show up in coverage. Smooth backpedals and lateral movements. Does well to reduce his surface area to slip/undercut blocks. Good change of direction skills and the ability to carry speed through is turns.

    Versatility - Offers little appeal outside of weakside linebacker in a 4-3 alignment in a pursuit-style role. Should be able to carve out a role on special teams. His range, size and coverage skills will make him an asset on passing downs.

    BEST TRAIT - Range

    WORST TRAIT - Processing

    RED FLAGS - None

    Hanks' ability in coverage, range and urgency makes him an ideal candidate to function as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense. His shortcomings taking on blocks, playing into the line of scrimmage and processing does limit his versatility but he is still new to playing linebacker after transitioning from safety to linebacker as a senior. Hanks should be a core special teams player while providing value in sub-packages initially in his career but development is needed for him to be a starter. His size and athletic ability does suggest there is upside present but getting stronger, improving his technique and developing the mental side is critical.