Sutton Smith

EDGE, Northern Illinois

  • Conf MAC
  • Jersey #15
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB --
  • WT 225 lbs




    PROS: Does well to keep himself clean despite lack of size/length. Slippery enough to evade blocks and keep himself free in pursuit. As a pass rusher, wins with deceptive footwork and the ability to take advantage of two-way gos. Good chop move to knock the hands down at the top of the arc. Low pad level helps him dip under punches. Good tackler with a non-stop motor.

    CONS: Physical tools are painfully lacking. Gets engulfed by size and power whenever he tries to directly engage. Lacks the length, power and pass-rush athleticism to play on the edge in the NFL. Not explosive, false steps out of his two-point stance and won’t test tackles to the corner with speed. Not going to create pressure as a speed-to-power rusher. Tackles who know what they are doing won’t fall for his head fakes so easily. Counters as a last resort, not as a result of quick mental processing. Gets widened out of his gap because of desire to dance around blockers rather than hold the point and control his gap. Often fires way upfield without breaking down and processing.