Steven Gonzalez

IOL, Penn State

  • Conf Big Ten
  • Jersey #74
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'4''
  • DOB 05/11/1997
  • WT 336 lbs


    PROS: Steven Gonzalez has a powerful lower half, is able to reset the line of scrimmage and create push against head up defenders or when tasked with stepping down on angular blocks. Is well built and offers natural strength needed to go toe to toe with heavy hitters up front. Has been a catalyst on several big runs, thanks to ability to wall off a rushing lane after creating initial movement up front. Ability to re-anchor after absorbing an initial blow allows for maintained space for the quarterback to work from the pocket.

    CONS: Has a lumbering demeanor in space, does not climb the ladder to the second level with confidence, nor does he quickly close the gap between himself and linebackers. Does not appear to have requisite length to be a tone setter in pass protection, instead plays with reactive movements. Has some mental gaffes on passing off defenders up front, miscommunication is a prominent issue for the entire unit, so questions will arise on how steep the learning curve to NFL is without notable improvement in 2018. Pass set and hips look rigid, doesn’t have a natural ability to drive step or play with a lot of width in base to frame blocks.