Shane Lemieux

IOL, Oregon

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #68
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 05/12/1997
  • WT 316 lbs





    Functional Athleticism - A bit clunky when he's tasked with operating in space or working to mirror against quick footed pass rushers or stunts. Struggles to hit landmarks working outside the hashes. Redirectional quickness isn't where he hangs his hat, either — works best in the phone booth. 

    Football IQ - Seems to process twists, stunts and combination blocks quite well. Pretty heady with the use of his hands to manipulate and win spacing up front. Long-term starter in college who won't get too many exotic looks he hasn't at least seen once or twice. 

    Anchor Ability - Raw strength and power serves him well to eat up power rushes and doesn't typically get collapsed unless he's late with his hands. Hip mobility can prevent him from dropping anchor vs. power rushes and he can concede extra space slowing momentum. 

    Hand Technique - Love what he does with yanking defenders out of gaps, will establish hand fit before snatching or yanking defenders laterally and has tossed some stout dudes out of the way. Like his placement for initial punches to play with effective initial presence at the POA. 

    Balance - Would classify him as a bit top heavy, he's not particularly dynamic in his lower half and as a result he'll struggle with short area adjustments. Labors in space to break down, slow himself and set the hook on smaller defenders if he's forced to play in isolation. 

    Pass Sets - Short sets are where he wins most consistently, allowing him to snap into position and ensure he's set with feet before continuing to establish his base. Will work fine in slide protection and gap protections and shows good awareness to not overextend himself. 

    Flexibility - Stiff through hips and not going to find great success working out in front of blocks from backside as a puller as a result. Can get rolled onto heels if he catches a blow via high hips. Doesn't frame that well when asked to peel back against frame vs late shooting defenders. 

    Power at POA - Will steamroll over you if you're not careful, he provides a ton of pop in his hands and does well to run his feet through contact. Like his ability to stay attached on pure drive blocks and shows ability to work defenders into leveraged position and drive. 

    Length/Extension - Doesn't really look like he's got a large strike zone and will occasionally get stacked or outreached by longer armed defenders. Issues show up on the second level too due to lack of mobility, so LBs can run underneath or scrape over top of his blocks in some instances. 

    Competitive Toughness - Functional strength in the upper half and in drive block situations will win against almost all comers. Like his effort in pass protection to search for work and pick up some slabs along the way. He's a bit of a mauler in the run game and can be feisty at the whistle. 


    Best Trait - Hand Power

    Worst Trait - Flexibility

    Best Film - Auburn (2019)

    Worst Film - Washington (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Shane Lemieux has the physical tools to be a starting guard in a gap/power offensive system. Teams reliant on guards to play frequently in space or in outside zone concepts won't find the same value in Lemieux, but downhill rushing offenses will find excellent power at the point of attack and stout play in tight quarters. Lemieux is highly experienced and functional athleticism meets requisite thresholds despite not being considered an asset to his game. 

    Updated: 12/30/2019