Sam Ehlinger

QB, Texas

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #11
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1.5"
  • DOB 09/30/1998
  • WT 222 lbs


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    Ehlinger is a supreme leader that’s more of a lead by example type of player, Ehlinger lets his play help galvanize his surroundings. Never afraid of the moment, he’s not hesitant at all with accepting the moment and attacking it head-on. Ehlinger is a true playmaker that can become a bit of a sandlot type of quarterback. Playing within structure is an area where he’s shown comfort with before, but his best plays come when off-script. A powerful and competitive ball carrier, the Longhorns incorporate him frequently in their rushing attack in order to make him feel comfortable. He will squeeze every second out of plays as best as he can and doesn’t believe they are over until he hears the echo of the whistle. Ehlinger has below-average arm strength, but he’s able to win with anticipation and the utmost knowledge of passing concepts to know where targets are going to be prior to their arrival. His energy, moxie, and confidence are infectious throughout a unit and it’s easy to see how much he rubs off on everyone that encounters him.

    Ehlinger is the billboard definition of a quarterback who’s good for the college game but will face many challenges on the next level. With below-average arm strength and hit-or-miss accuracy, he will have to be surrounded by targets who have a wide catch radius, just as he was at Texas. The Longhorns' offense was able to mask many of his deficiencies with half-field reads that allowed him to run if his first few options weren’t available. At the top of his dropbacks, Ehlinger can be real indecisive with where to go with the ball. There are lots of passing concepts that lack timing because of him hitching up in the pocket multiple steps prior to throwing. If unable to develop at QB, there may be some teams that approach him about a position switch elsewhere because of his build, physicality as a runner, and leadership qualities.   

    Ideal RoleDevelopmental backup who may also be asked to experiment at other positions.

    Scheme FitWest Coast or Erhardt-Perkins offensive system–quick rhythm based throws with periodic deep shots down the field.

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