Rodney Anderson

RB, Oklahoma

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #24
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB --
  • WT 219 lbs





    Feet - Runs from a balanced base and attacks creases with good timing. Foot speed is impressive for his size. Always keeps his feet moving through contact. Stop-start ability is smooth for his size. More springy than expected and gets good width on his cuts.

    Vision - Good vision to and through the hole. Sees the field well in space which enables him to rip off chunk runs. Strings moves together well that are in synch with how he reads the field. More patience is needed at times. Rarely gets stuck in the same vicinity.

    Pass Protection - His frame suggests that he should excel in pass pro but he has his share of struggles. Doesn't square up rushers consistently and land his punch. Guilty of dropping his head and he gets side stepped by rushers. Needs work.

    Receiving - TCU 2017 is a great example of his receiving upside. Was used as a receiver out of the backfield and flexed out wide where he showcased the ability to high point the football and demonstrate his hands, ball skills and body control. Open field vision is taken advantage of as a receiver. Was a modest part of his game in college but the ability is present for it to be a prominent piece of his NFL role.

    Balance - Illustrates the ability to sustain his momentum through contact and gains additional yardage after contact. Requires an honest tackling effort to bring him down and arm tackles don't affect his course. Absorbs contact with ease. Base is always balanced.

    Elusiveness - More shifty and agile for his size than expected. Good lateral mobility and fluidity to execute dynamic cuts. Illustrates good wiggle through contact. Springy off his plant foot and is capable of making tacklers miss in space. Diminishes his surface area well.

    Power - Has good power throughout his frame and is capable of moving piles and taking tacklers for a ride. Runs with good forward lean and churns out tough yards post-contact. Should be a viable short-yardage option in the NFL.

    Competitive Toughness - Is an assertive runner that is willing to challenge any tackler with physicality. Pads are low and battles for every inch. Effort in pass pro is questionable at times. Effective with his off hand to execute stiff arms.

    Versatility - Skill set translates best to a gap/power scheme with modest upside in zone. Can win inside or outside the tackles as a runner. Potent receiving option but underwhelms in pass protection.

    BEST TRAIT - Balance

    WORST TRAIT - Pass Protection

    RED FLAGS - 2018 season-ending ACL tear. 2016 season-ending fractured vertebra in neck. 2015 season-ending broken leg.

    Rodney Anderson is a multifaceted back that blends size, power and elusiveness to form an intriguing prospect. With significant season-ending injuries in 2015, 2016 and 2018, his health is a major red flag to his evaluation. If he can stay healthy, Anderson has the upside to be a feature back in the NFL. He fits best to a gap/power run scheme but can also produce as a receiver. Assuming he's healthy, by year three, Anderson has the ability to be a starter that commands 15-20 touches per game and is highly productive.

    Round Grade - Early Day Three Value