Prince Tega Wanogho

OT, Auburn

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #76
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 307 lbs






    Run Blocking - Best moments on tape come when he can take advantage of angles and executing zone concepts. Struggles to get everything working together (hands/hips/legs) to generate movement as a drive blocker. Has to become more deliberate about unlocking his hips, fitting his hands and keeping his feet engaged to stay square. 

    Pass Blocking - Has all of the tools in terms of length and mobility to be outstanding but has to make technical improvements. Inconsistent reaching set points and he’s guilty of dropping his outside foot and opening the rush angle. Base tends to narrow and he can get top heavy in his sets, leading to a lack of body control. Growth is needed but the tools are obvious. 

    Blocking in Space - Fluid and easy mover in space. Auburn moves him around the formation, even having him lined up in bunch sets on occasion to get him out on the perimeter. Has good reach and range overall. Strong candidate for longer pulls. 

    Power - Needs to get stronger and learn how to roll his hips into contact. Too many stalemates when he needs to widen gaps. Guilty of getting squeezed down and stood up by linebackers on the second level. 

    IQ - The Auburn offense relies on timing components with so many of its concepts and Tega Wanogho is generally on schedule. Like how he varies his strikes in pass pro. Need for technical improvements to utilize his physical gifts more consistently is needed. 

    Feet - Has the foot speed needed to survive at left tackle but footwork and pass sets are still a work in progress. Can get lazy with his feet and they can lag behind his upper half. Has to be more deliberate about setting and maintaining a firm base. 

    Hands - Love how he varies his strikes in pass protection but has to become more intentional about getting his hands fit in the run game. Grip strength is soft. Can be tardy with his hands in pass pro and allow rushers to work into his frame, robbing him of length. 

    Balance - Easy mover but not a smooth operator when engaged. Has a bad tendency of narrowing his base and getting top heavy which leads to folding at the waste. Contact balance is below average and he needs to improve his core strength. 

    Versatility - Fits best as a tackle in a zone run scheme. Not a strong candidate for a move inside to guard or at tackling in a gap/power scheme. Has upside as a run and pass blocker but shoring up his technique and getting stronger is a must. 

    BEST TRAIT - Length/Mobility

    WORST TRAIT - Technique/Play Strength 

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - TJ Clemmings

    Tega Wanogho is a toolsy prospect that is still new to playing football and that becomes apparent when studying his tape. While he has an ideal frame to develop, long arms and excellent functional athleticism, his technique and application of his physical gifts are very much a work in progress. Tega Wanogho has an exciting ceiling to reach should he develop and his tools make him an intriguing option. With that said, patience could be required and he profiles more as an eventual starter at tackler, ideally in a zone blocking run scheme.