Phil Haynes

IOL, Wake Forest

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #74
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 305 lbs


    Run Blocking - Powerful run blocker who is very deliberate about fitting his hands. From there, he does well to play with leverage and has a strong leg drive to create movement. Haynes is committed to staying square on his blocks and he executes with good extension. Has a finishers mentality.  

    Pass Blocking - Effectively timed punch keeps rushers at the end of his reach. He generally wins with first contact and features a stout anchor to protect the depth of the pocket. Haynes isn’t overly nimble but he has smooth footwork and is capable of redirecting his weight.

    Blocking in Space - Has flashed positive moments in space landing his punch and using his length to seal pursuit. With that said, he isn't the most nimble or controlled mover in space and doesn't always arrive on schedule. Needs to become more consistent coming to balance in space. Good vertical blocker when he can take linear paths.   

    Power - Aggressive finisher that plays with good leverage and powerful leg drive. Has the pop in his punch to stun pass rushers. Anchor is stout and easily absorbs power. Initial contact power is impressive.

    IQ - Appears alert when reacting to stunts and blitzes. Does well as a help blocker in situations when he is uncovered. Generally finds work with few exceptions. Timing with releases to the second level can be inconsistent.

    Feet - Modest foot speed and sometimes appears sluggish. Plays forward well but lateral mobility is noticeably worse. Needs to be more consistent taking advantage of angles as a positional blocker in zone.

    Hands - Hands are heavy and powerful. Has the strength needed to stun rushers and he consistently wins with first contact. Does well to lock up opponents when his hands are fit. Has outstanding grip strength when the clamps are set. Will occasionally be too wide with his punch and placement.

    Balance - Plays with good leverage. Has a tendency to bend at the waste and over-extend. Becoming more patient and trusting his feet to frame rushers would serve him well. Would not call him a smooth operator in space. Contact balance and power is good.

    Versatility - Projects favorably to playing guard in a gap/power scheme but isn't completely limited in zone. Not a candidate to play on the outside at tackle despite playing right tackle in 2015. Has not played center.

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Balance

    RED FLAGS - None

    A four-year starter at Wake Forest, Haynes has been part of some surprisingly good offensive units for the Deacs. His best fit in the NFL comes as an offensive guard in a gap/power scheme where his ability to drive block is featured and some of his lateral movement limitations are masked. Haynes has the potential of a Day 3 steal that becomes a reliable starter in the right scheme. At a minimum, Haynes should provide quality depth at the next level.