Patrick Laird

RB, Cal

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #28
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 5'11''
  • DOB 08/17/1995
  • WT 200 lbs


    PROS: Economical runner who maximizes what's available to him. Footwork is measured and controlled; can slalom through traffic with active hips. Can read through the first level to the second level and work to the path of least resistance, though tendency to work into space despite poor space profile is annoying. Has good anticipation of closing defenders and can set them up to miss. Has great hands working out of the backfield and from the slot; runs a bevy of routes for a running back. Incorporates head fakes and tracking into wheel routes successfully.

    CONS: Cannot make anyone miss in space and lacks a promising athletic profile. Loves to work into space but is not explosive or agile. Upright, thick build lacks power, especially given that Laird rarely works within the tackles regardless. Will neglect blocking concept if he sees space, which minimizes his ability to churn out tough yardage. Has no open-field speed and can be chased down by all 11 defenders. Not particularly effective as a pass protector. Lacks a positive pro projection.