Parris Campbell

WR, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten
  • Jersey #21
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11⅞"
  • DOB 07/16/1997
  • WT 205 lbs




    Route Running –Dynamic release off of the LOS when afforded a clean look. Route tree is fairly limited, predominantly a deep ball or short game receiver, very little in the way of middle ground. Doesn't showcase a lot of precision and step quickness setting up hard angled breaks.

    Hands –Fights the football in instances, doesn't always catch the nose of the football clean and doesn't have the softest of hands. Will double catch the ball in high traffic areas. Has let a few catchable throws rattle off his hands for drops.

    Contested Catch Ability –Not especially physical in any capacity, let alone trying to box out a defender in contested situations. Will lose leverage and get bumped by defenders with eyes up tracking the ball, shaky hands complicate ability to wrestle away a contested target.

    Run After Catch Ability –Creative runner. Has loose hinges to produce convincing false steps and flash head movement before cutting back across the grain. Excels in quick screen game and touch passes thanks to speed setting up walls of blockers.

    Football IQ –An underdeveloped route runner, Campbell offers plenty of of quality as an open field runner and ball carrier. Although his skill set currently projects more as a tool-box player and not a volume receiver, Campbell will be a fun toy for a creative play caller.

    Vertical Receiving –Has plenty of speed to burn. Can struggle to stack defenders who are able to get their hands on him at the LOS but against off coverage has ample juice and will blow right past flat footed defenders. Forces teams to respect his vertical speed on speed alone.

    Change of Direction Skills –Terrific open field athlete. Slippery when not needing to think about setting up and creating space. Loose hips and dynamic base allow for a steep angled cut. Shows springy cuts to displace an area and create a whiffed tackle challenge.

    Speed –One of the fastest prospects in the entire class. Is a blazer in the open field, will break pursuit angles effortlessly if flipping up the field in the flats and able to open up his strides. Elite, blue chip speed as a ball carrier.

    Competitive Toughness –Is not a physical player on his route stems, at the catch point or as a blocker but does show admirable effort after the catch to run through soft tackle challenges and step out of arm tackles. Can provide some power against misaligned tackles.

    Blocking Ability –Effort level is fine but is typically not given reps as a blocker, given he's often the dictated ball carrier by play design. Has the needed size and short area mobility to be effective but is going to be a work in progress due to lack of reps.

    PROSPECT COMPARISON – Cordarelle Patterson

    BEST TRAIT – Speed

    WORST TRAIT – Route Running

    BEST FILM – Michigan (2018)

    WORST FILM – Southern Cal (2017)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Parris Campbell projects best as a swiss army knife at the NFL level. His speed can be game-breaking and his ability to create missed tackles will hold value in the quick game and as a screen receiver. That said, Campbell's play speed doesn't translate to the rest of his routes, making him somewhat one dimensional as a receiver going forward. Look for Campbell to play special teams and be a package specific weapon during his NFL career.