N'Keal Harry

WR, Arizona State

  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 12/17/1997
  • WT 216 lbs





    Separation Quickness - Overall explosiveness and burst are missing out of the break. Never going to be a consistent separator from press man coverage, but does show the ability to break hard and decisively after pushing vertical. One speed receiver without the ability to change gears in an instant, but I love that he makes his cuts at full speed without throttling down.

    Ball Skills - Has the ability to make any catch with a massive radius and strong hands. Some of his best plays have come on unbelievable adjustments to the football. Concentration does seem to come and go some, will let a few slip through his hands that shouldn't and doesn't always high-point the football, instead opting for body catches at times. Clearly has the hands and tracking ability to make catches outside his frame, just needs to be more consistent. Tracks the ball over his shoulder beautifully.

    Speed/Burst - Doesn't get to top speed quickly, and even when he gets there, it isn't much to write home about. I don't know what he'll test, but he doesn't play fast. Vertical separation against man coverage just doesn't happen. Not going to be a speed guy over the top, will be forced to rely on ball skills to make plays vertically against man coverage.

    Route-Running - Doesn't run a super expansive route tree, lots of hitches, comebacks and bubbles. Does run the occasional slant, dig and post pattern, but gets a lot of his touches in a manufactured fashion. Already mentioned the lack of elite athletic tools to be a top-notch separator, but also doesn't drop his hips and explode back to the ball on those return routes. Upright route runner with some stiffness. Does a good job of getting out of his breaks without wasting steps, opening to the ball and making strong cuts.

    Contested Catch - Totally exceptional in this area in flashes. Technically there are things you want to see improve at times, but the results are eye-popping. Has made several of the toughest contested grabs I've seen over the past few years. When the concentration is right, one-handed grabs and battling through defensive pass interference are non-issues. Box out ability with his back to the defense. In 2017 won vertically simply due to ability to make catches with a defender on him.

    YAC - Oddly good in this area. Not explosive or overly elusive at all, but pulls out all the stops to shake off tacklers. Active on his feet, spinning and shifting through trash to pick up extra yards. Tank-like build is tough to stop when he gets going. Legs churn through arm tackles. Lack of burst does limit him, unable to juke out players and fly away from tacklers, so he's typically surrounded quickly.

    Releases - Needs to show more urgency off the line of scrimmage against off coverage, can be slow off the ball and doesn't sell vertically with low pads. Can't beat press corners off the ball with the burst that some of the other top receivers in the draft have. Has done a better job of varying up his releases this season, but not explosive enough to keep cornerbacks from recovering on him most of the time. Big and strong enough to be unaffected by jams when his technique is right. Didn't face a lot of physically tough corners in the PAC.

    Blocking - Has flashes of ferocious blocking ability and technique coupled with outstanding effort. Then there are spurts of play where he simply reaches outside his frame half-heartedly for blocks too. I think this will be a strength of his game in the NFL if he's willing to get coached up a little bit.

    Competitive Toughness - It's tough to observe from afar, but he has some clear alligator arm instances on tape over the middle of the field. Effort does seem to wane at times, talk is out there that he doesn't always practice hard. Still, moments of peak toughness on the field are clear alpha. Can Moss anyone and has some eye-popping moments as a blocker.

    Athleticism/Size - Will have one of the best frames for a receiver in the entire NFL the moment he enters the league. Unbelievable build, muscle distribution, length and pro-ready strength. Athletically average on the ground, but does show good hops on tape. Combine is as big for him as any receiver in the draft. If he's healthy and chooses not to run, strong indication to me that his time would have been in 4.6s at least.

    BEST TRAIT - Contested Catch

    WORST TRAIT - Speed/Burst

    RED FLAGS - None

    On the hoof, few prospects at any position in the entire class look better than Harry, who has packed on muscle and possesses the ideal size for a no. 1 wide receiver in the NFL. The instances where he utilizes that size and strength - to moss a corner at the catch point, to toss a defensive back as a blocker, to extend for a ball outside his frame despite tight coverage - are glorious and show the salivating traits that Harry could make a living on at the next level.

    But his lack of speed, burst and overall athleticism are issues that need to be considered. He doesn't always play like an alpha, and there is some limit to what he provides an offense due to his inability to create great separation from press man corners. NFL defensive backs will challenge him in very new ways, and Harry will have to consistently play hard and with better attention to detail than he always did in college. There is risk involved here, and limitations even at his peak, but if Harry can impress at the Combine, he'll have a lot of teams looking to draft him amongst the top wide receivers in the 2019 class.

    Round Grade: Late 2nd