Nick Harris

IOL, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #56
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'1''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 293 lbs


    PROS: Squatty, powerful build that holds a lot of power. Flexible frame throughout with a ton of fire in his upper body allows for excellent power at different angles of play. Particularly adept at converting speed to power on pulls or when offering help in pass protection--has natural leverage and loves to play over his toes (sometimes to a fault). A devastating punisher as the lead blocker on power concepts, especially on kick out responsibilities. Has the freedom in his hips to work the full range of angles required in interior pass protection; can respond to inside/out moves with appropriate patience and weight distribution.

    Keeps both his hands and his feet active in pass protection. Builds a wide base and re-anchors successfully, though is sometimes guilty of disconnecting the inside of his foot from the ground, making bull-rushes unnecessarily effective. Shows independent hand usage and the upper body strength to generate displacement through one and two hands. Has an understanding of how to break down opponents' hands with chops and clubs, but is still inconsistent with location and timing. Has good explosiveness out of stance, especially laterally, and can work into reach blocks on both inside and wide zone, though average length is a limiting factor here. Willing to look for work and will get violent when the opportunity presents itself. Hit rate in second level is decent.

    CONS: Plays with an uber-aggressive mindset that is both his calling card and his Achilles heel. Will lose to smart interior rushers who slow-play him and draw out his punch too early. Guilty of playing far too far over his toes and surrendering rush angles on swims, swipes, and push-pulls accordingly. Not overly lengthy and can lose to long arms; must show more consistently the ability to break down this move in particular.

    Panics when he puts himself in bad situations with over-aggressive play and surrenders post foot discipline and hand location, and may draw more penalties here. Tendency to generate 'runaway train' momentum in the second level makes it easier for linebackers and safeties to sidestep him. A peculiar note because of his vicious demeanor: will occasionally fall asleep when engaged, thinking the play is over, and unnecessarily allowing a late pressure/tackle. Must look to finish more plays/play through the whistle. Conditioning may be the culprit of the concern here.