Neville Gallimore

IDL, Oklahoma

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #90
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 01/17/1997
  • WT 304 lbs




    Hand Technique/Length - His hand placement is really nice, he'll work the wrist to break hand grip on his chest. There's plenty of pop in his hands and shows good rip, chop and long arm ability to extend blockers and shed — even though he doesn't have the greatest natural length or extension. 

    Competitive Toughness - His effort and range as a 1T are through the roof. Appreciate how hard he works down the field in pursuit. His natural power in the upper half is notable and if he gets inside hands he'll rag doll centers. Stout anchor to call upon when he's faced with doubles. 

    Two Gap Ability - He isn't a true nose in the sense that he's better in attack mode versus read and react. Will show stack and shed skills but he's more sufficient with it when stringing out the center laterally versus locking horns in 1 v 1 and being tasked with late shed and attacking adjacent gaps. 

    Gap Penetration Skills - Was used a lot on twists and slants to attack and catch blockers without square framing for their blocks — and it worked. Tilted 1T reps will work well to catch the C on an angle and create push into the A-gap before ripping through contact and looking to locate the ball. 

    Tackling - He doesn't illustrate the greatest tackle radius in space but at the point of attack his mobility allows him to peel back and clog up lanes sufficiently. Stocky build allows him to bump bellies with ball carriers in the whole and not get bubbled backwards or lose ground. 

    Flexibility - He's built low to the ground and super stocky, which helps him corner well. He carries his weight well and shows ability to hinge laterally at the waist to get skinny or slip through gaps. Coils well into 3-pt stance to fire out and gain ground effectively. 

    Pass Rush Counters - Loves high swim to work back across the face of blockers and it is pretty effective. His club move provides ample juice to uproot centers. Will win with power/bull rushes as well, he offers enough to keep blockers on their heels and give them different looks from the same alignment from snap to snap. 

    First Step Quickness - Twitchy. He'll catch you off guard with how well he gets out of the blocks and will defeat back blocks or slide protection with his surge. L-step is effective at the snap to provide blockers with a moving target before shooting into the gap and working to get hip to hip. 

    Feet/COD - He's super nimble for a player of his build, a dancing bear personified that shows short area mobility to pivot, redirect or peel back against his momentum with COD skills that don't really make sense. He's very fluid when looking to work across face on blockers. 

    Versatility - He's an A-gap/B-gap defender through and through. Wouldn't consider him for a true 3T role, as his penetration skills aren't quite that dynamic. He's somewhat scheme specific to get the best role out of him but he's going to be disruptive for a NT in any game situation. 


    Best Trait - Feet/COD

    Worst Trait - Length

    Best Film - Texas Tech (2019)

    Worst Film - Baylor (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Neville Gallimore is a disruptive 1T in a penetration style defensive system. Gallimore isn't necessarily a huge finisher and hasn't rolled up huge production in the backfield but make no mistake, his initial quickness, power, hand counters and motor will provide plenty of disruption up front for even front teams looking to collapse the pocket and get opposing quarterbacks on their heels. Gallimore has viable three down ability thanks to his short area agility. An NFL starter. 

    Updated: 12/30/2019