Nate Stanley

QB, Iowa

  • Conf Big Ten - West
  • Jersey #4
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 08/26/1997
  • WT 243 lbs





    PROS: Plays in a pro style offense, with NFL type protections. Has worked from under center and the gun. He's a traditional pocket passer that appears to have good command of the offense. He will change the protection and audible into a better play. He displays sufficient footwork in the pocket paired with sufficient mobility within the pocket to side step the rush and deliver the football. He displays good overall arm strength for the position. Will deliver the football with good accuracy in the short to intermediate area when he has a clean pocket.  He has demonstrated good leadership in moments of adversity. Has been somewhat efficient on 3rd downs and has shown the ability to make good decisions with the football for the most part. 

    CONS: He has average proactive athleticism for the position. He will not extend plays with his legs. Lacks touch and his accuracy suffers when he is throwing on the move. Has shown instances of staring down his primary read and forcing the ball into coverage. Doesn’t have great ball placement on intermediate to deep throws. Doesn’t have great versatility in terms of the types of offenses that he can be utilized in. Will struggle with RPOs and anything forcing him out to the perimeter. He is not a threat to the defense as a runner. 

    Updated: 10/27/2019