Myles Dorn

S, North Carolina

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Coastal
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 06/25/1998
  • WT 205 lbs


    PROS: Has a quick trigger downhill. By far Dorn’s best trait as he has a natural feel of knowing how to sense, decipher, and attack plays. Seeming to always trust what he sees, his eyes and awareness of concepts are above average. Hardly ever playing out of control, he enters and fills running lanes admirably. In coverage, he’s excellent with reading and using the quarterback’s eyes as a cheat sheet in order to take him towards intended throwing areas. 

    Operated both as a free safety and box player, but his most comfort came when able to stand on the roof of the defense. Runs the alley at a moderate and controlled tempo prior to coming to balance and running his body through the target areas of the opposition. Some glimpses of tackling a bit too high, but he’s excellent with getting ball carriers down to the ground by himself. Doesn’t let extra movements or attempted shake and bake attempts deter him from finishing plays.

    CONS: While there are plenty of examples of Dorn carrying through the alley and tackling rushers by taking smart angles, when he’s forced to play catch up or not having an early head start on plays, his lack of speed becomes apparent. Try hard player, but when forced to turn it on, he can quickly be outpaced. This is why he’s become such a big winner with instincts and awareness due to his deficiencies.

    A supreme truster of what his eyes see, teams picked up on that and used his aggressiveness against him by employing elongated play action fakes to persuade him down from his high levels on the defense. Many explosive plays have been surrendered as a result of him becoming too easily influenced by run actions in the backfield

    Updated: 9/25/19