Myles Bryant

CB, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #5
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB 01/02/1998
  • WT 185 lbs


    PROS: Dynamic, explosive line of scrimmage defender with stellar potential as an NFL nickelback. Impossibly explosive playing downhill. Sees and anticipates boundary plays equally well and has the short area acceleration to get there in a hurry. Very difficult to stalk block near the line of scrimmage--will be physical and recruit his hands with WRs/TEs and bend around offensive linemen en route to the ball carrier. Can make tackles at warp speed with flexibility and change of direction prowess. Targets the near hip with great frequency and brings his momentum through his target; can snag ankles when attempting diving tackles to slow down, if not trip up, opponent. Plays with fantastic leverage and always turns ball-carriers back into help. Will incorporate physicality and hand usage into catch-man technique to suffocate WR's cylinder and eliminate any chance of a throw.

    Characteristic explosiveness shows up in off-coverage when closing on breaking routes, though will be hesitant with drop/gather steps. Arrives on time with the football and will win PBUs with flexibility and physicality to the catch point, despite insufficient length to always win through WR's frame. As a press corner, is most successful using soft-shoe/mirror technique. Does well to kick-slide and redirect to the best of his length without over-committing, then flipping his hips in time with WR's stride. Not afraid of leaning into WR's cylinder to narrow throwing window.

    CONS: Smallish frame struggles in true press reps. Feet will fall asleep a little bit as he looks to create power without having great length. Drop steps become a bigger issue near the line of scrimmage, allowing releases from WRs. Can accordingly play from the trail position, but lack of length hurts him thereof. Blazing downhill play style is a bit feast or famine, as he looks to blow up plays in the backfield, but the sacrifice is probably worthy. Not comfortable dropping into deep zones; always wants to have the action 5 yards in front of him, not 15. Can over-estimate his own physicality and try to exchange power with players he should not engage (see: N'Keal Harry). Willingness to attack the catch point is good, but ball skills a question given low INT production (though admittedly, it was a great play).