Mitchell Wilcox

TE, South Florida

  • Conf American Athletic - East
  • Jersey #89
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 11/07/1996
  • WT 245 lbs



    Route Running - Highly productive pass catcher who has been asked to work down the field. Not overly taken by his short area quickness, fluidity or ability to carry speed through steep angles — think he may struggle to find separation at the pro level and be regulated to sitting holes vs. zone.

    Hands - He has pretty strong ball skills — comfortable reading throws come in from over the shoulder and illustrates the ability to adjust his hands accordingly to dig out low throws or catch away from his frame if necessary. Catch radius is modest but hindered by lack of body mobility.

    Versatility - Wouldn't call upon him to play with his hand in the dirt with regularity — he doesn't have the core strength or power through his hands to punch, jolt and collapse. Issues with running away from man coverage compound for a difficult projection to find a role; likely best as a RB/H-back.

    Contested Catch Ability - He's not necessarily dynamic and as a result he will struggle to best defenders at the catch point to box out or elevate above the rim to attack the football. Not a lot of notable or impressive skills to build upon here.

    RAC Ability - Does not have the burst or twitch necessary to strip down pursuit angles immediately after the catch; instead he's a one speed runner and doesn't really offer enticing wiggle or even power. He can barge through a secondary defender to fall forward through contact but wouldn't expect him to routinely break off runs.

    Power at POA - Natural strength isn't a hallmark trait. He is feisty as hell and appreciate his urgency to stay pressed up on bodies. He helps his case by taking good angles to down blocks and when climbing to LBs to frame is blocks well and make sure defenders have to go through his entire frame.

    Competitive Toughness - He doesn't play to 247 lbs if that's what he played at last season. Needs to improve his lower body power and ability to stay upright on his hips to recruit lower body strength. Without improvement, he's a man without a position. His effort level is A+ and he gives you his best shot every play.

    Flexibility - Notable tightness through his hips in both lateral and linear scenarios. Struggles to roll hips through contact and instead will lean and lunge into hits. Does not show the lateral hinge to play at steep angles as a route runner or adjust his body to throws that are way outside of his frame.

    Balance - Will be guilty of getting too far out over the top of his toes and can be pulled off his set or fall off of blocks as a result. Some struggles here stem from tightness throughout his frame, too — so even with more strength he's not going to be able to unload the way you'd ideally like him to on contact.

    Football IQ - He comes across like a sharp player with a good nose for angles and some natural ball skills to track the football. Athletic limitations are prevalent and hinder his ceiling. Think he could pick up a role on ST and force a team to stick him on the active roster due to effort and IQ. 


    Best Trait - Production

    Worst Trait - Flexibility

    Best Film - Temple (2019)

    Worst Film - Wisconsin (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Mitchell Wilcox is a potential move piece TE at the NFL level — but his athletic limitations are apparent and will force him into a niche role on offense and will require him to excel in special teams if he is going to make a lasting impression with a pro team and command a spot on an NFL active roster. Wilcox's tightness through his frame poses challenges in body adjustments and as a blocker — and he doesn't play with the needed functional strength to be an asset in the box. 

    Updated: 03/22/2020