Michael Pittman Jr.


  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #6
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 10/04/1997
  • WT 219 lbs





    Pros: He brings good overall athleticism and physicality to the WR position. In the run game he is a good stalk blocker due to his toughness and physicality. He runs strong with the football after the catch. In the passing game, he is good in contested catch situations. He demonstrates the toughness to catch a 6 route when contact is imminent. He is sufficient as a route runner and demonstrates excellent tracking ability when the ball is in the air. He also displays good, strong hands to pluck the football. He is very competitive and will be good in the red area and goal line situations. His skill set is likely best suited to play X or as a big slot. He will be a 4 phase, core special teamer in the NFL.

    Cons: He isn’t very sudden off the line of scrimmage when getting into his route. He lacks elusiveness in space and appears tight hipped. Does not create a lot of separation at the top of the route, resulting in him being in contested catch situations. Needs to continue to work on weight transfer and dropping his hips at the top of the route. Needs to do a better job at winning at the line of scrimmage against press. Doesn’t have great speed on 8 and 9 routes so become a better, more savvy route runner could help him in this regard. Ultimately, continuing to refine the nuances of the receiver position to create separation against man coverage.

    Updated 11/08/2019