Mekhi Becton

OT, Louisville

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #73
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'7"
  • DOB 04/18/1999
  • WT 369 lbs





    Pass Sets - He's smooth! Appreciate how clean his feet are. Rare ability to reach his back foot on drive catch and shows really nice cadence to not overset versus speed off the edge. Shows good awareness of angles to keep his passer secure prior to contact. 

    Length/Extension - All the reach in the world. His punch and extension will uproot defenders and physically uproot them a few yards at a time. Pretty awesome to watch him throw hands/create space instantly with upper body power. Plenty of length to extend and run rushers past the QB. 

    Balance - Appreciate how he doesn't fold at the waist to chase in space. He's a bit high hipped but his dynamic lower half does well to reach and catch his momentum to prevent him from drifting. Shows good angular adjustments on the move. 

    Hand Technique - His punches can be a bit wild but boy are they effective. He's got probably the heaviest hands in the class, although Andrew Thomas' are cleaner. If he can convert more blows to sustained hand fits, he's going to whitewash DEs out in the run game with consistency. 

    Power at POA - Awesome power. Top shelf strength throughout his entire frame and unlike most big guys at this stage, he's got mobility to apply it in lateral or angular situations where his whole frame isn't aligned. He's terrific at the point of attack to create space.  

    Football IQ - He gets away with some overly ambitious punches due to his raw power and his sense of continuing to work up the field for work versus stopping to peel eyes back and look for where to go can improve. But the arrow here is pointing firmly up. Strong development in 2019. 

    Functional Athleticism - Folks this big aren't supposed to move this well. He's so fluid for a big man and as a result he'll gear down and pick off scraping LBs with ease. Have seen him work cutoff on a 1T from the backside — which is insane. The redirectional ability he displays is good for anyone. 

    Anchor Ability - Strong as an ox. He's so naturally strong and with the reach he has, he rarely gives up his chest and allows bodies into his frame. Even when he does, core strength and lower body power eat up most comers and he shows a good late anchor.   

    Flexibility - Rare mobility through his hips and shows plenty of hinge laterally to play with forcible power on turnout blocks and when looking to long-arm edge setters out from a gap. He's got good range of motion through his hips on pass sets to play with sufficient cadence.  

    Competitive Toughness - Love his effort level. He's working the backside with assertiveness, he's getting out onto the second level and effectively breaking down linebackers and sticking on them. He's absolutely nasty in the trenches if you keep him in tight to the LOS. 


    Best Trait - Power at POA

    Worst Trait - Punch Placement Consistency

    Best Film - Syracuse (2019)

    Worst Film - Boston College (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Mekhi Becton projects as a starting left tackle at the NFL level — and a damn good one. Becton has all the length and functional power in the world, pairing it with a rare blend of flexibility and size. Becton is a brawler in the run game and his pure size overwhelms many pass rushers off the edge. There are still some technique consistencies to still be ironed out but generally speaking the ceiling here is sky high and there's a foundation that should allow early production at LT. 

    Updated: 12/27/2019