McTelvin Agim

IDL, Arkansas

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #3
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 09/25/1997
  • WT 307 lbs



    Hand Technique - Separation and stacking skills aren't fully fleshed out due to a transition from DE to IDL in 2019 — but his length is super promising if he's able to sort out how to stack up blocks in tight quarters and establish a clean fit on the chest with his punch. Too often throws his hands wide and late.

    Competitive Toughness - Tale of two roles: if you ask him to attack the gap, his quickness serves him well to disrupt OL and he'll win positioning. Ask him to play the POA with his hands, he'll get wiped out and doesn't illustrate the necessary anchor to drop hips and recover once he's met with heavy impact.

    Two Gap Ability - May be able to develop into a 5T or base end role here for teams that love a lot of beef up front — he's got a ton of length and could feasibly become a viable defender there, but keep him out of the A-gaps, he doesn't have the anchor, punch power or experience to hold up while effectively learning on the job.

    Gap Penetration - Holy cow. Some of his bursts are awesome to watch — he'll crash a gap quicker than some dudes get out of their stance. Parlays those wins into quick up field push and will create pileups in the backfield for pullers and lead blockers. He redirects well once he's uncovered to transition into a pursuit role.

    Tackling - Appreciate his nose for getting kills — specifically hunting the football as a tackler. Has necessary wingspan to influence wide areas and force dramatic reroutes of ball carriers in the backfield when he's uncovered. Mobility, for his stature, is quite good and that allows him to mirror against a hard cut.

    Flexibility - Gifted athlete that shows good coil in his stance, effective pad level out of the blocks and good hip/ shoulder disassociation to narrow his upper half in effort to slip blocks and create missed punches from blockers. His anchor and hip drop at POA in run game needs work, needs to trust his lower half to hold up.

    Pass Rush Counters - Experience on the outside has led to a fun blend of skills — he's got a rip move that pops hands off effectively. He's still a work in progress on finding effective framing on the interior and too many times he'll run out of ideas to break hands after the first counter doesn't break the seal.

    First Step Explosiveness - Juiced up burst that will definitely offer him a chance to become an impact player with time. He's so quick to shoot the gap, he's a perfect fit for a penetration front that wants pure chaos on the line of scrimmage. He's legitimately met the ball carrier coming out of the mesh point at times.

    Feet/COD - Fluid natural athlete and he's better in space reps than he is in tight quarters at this point. He carries his weight gracefully and doesn't have issue with quick plant and drive to attack the ball or peel back across his momentum. He's got suddenness in a 3D plane, not just driving out of his stance.

    Versatility - Would love to see the light bulb come on for him in terms of his interior play to make a more well rounded 3T. Experience at end is valuable, as it will provided a backup route in case the quickness of interior play proves to be too steep of a climb. Likable qualities to play 5T or base end if needed. 


    Best Trait - First Step Quickness

    Worst Trait - Anchor Ability

    Best Film - Kentucky (2019)

    Worst Film - Auburn (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - McTelvin Agim is an intriguing developmental prospect on the defensive interior. Agim possesses a strong first step and has some dominant flashes of releasing to the mesh point on film, but those reps get bogged down with lapses in hand usage, anchor ability and play recognition on the defensive interior. Agim is a recent convert to interior line play, so there is some notable room for growth with additional reps. Given his size and quickness, he's preferably playing 3T in the NFL. 

    Updated: 02/24/2020