Matt Hennessy

IOL, Temple

  • Conf American Athletic - East
  • Jersey #58
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 11/17/1997
  • WT 302 lbs




    PROS: A true technician with outstanding technique, range, football IQ and body control. Does a terrific job of establishing body positioning in the run game and finding leverage points on his opponents. Builds a consistent base to operate from with ideal foot quickness. Plays with terrific leverage, bend and posture that helps him stay square, sustain blocks and anchor. Punches are efficient, well-timed and properly placed. Body works in concert, with all pieces working together to execute with consistency. Plays under control and trusts his technique. Aware and alert in pass protection with an astute understanding of where to help when uncovered and he does a great job anticipating blitzers and responding. Three-year starter that earned a single-digit practice jersey that is reserved for the toughest players on the team. 

    CONS: Not the most powerful blocker although he does well to play with great technique to maximize the functional strength at his disposal. Doesn’t have the length to consistently keep his chest clean but it’s a minor gripe. Doesn’t offer much in the way of position flexibility or scheme diversity. 

    BEST TRAIT - Technique

    WORST TRAIT - Power

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Corey Linsley

    Matt Hennessy started at center over the last three seasons at Temple, earning a prestigious single-digit practice jersey that Temple gives to the toughest players on the team.  From watching him compete on tape, it’s pretty clear that his practice habits are outstanding and that the honor was well-earned. Hennessy is a technically-refined, mobile, smart and controlled blocker that profiles as a starter in a zone blocking scheme. From his hand usage, bend, footwork and processing skills, there’s an obvious polish in the way Hennessy plays the game. It’s difficult to poke concerning holes in his game but he isn’t the biggest or strongest blocker which does box him in as a center that doesn’t offer much in the way of position flexibility or appeal in gap blocking run schemes. In the right role, Hennessy has a chance to make an immediate impact and projects as a long-term fixture as a starter.