Logan Wilson

LB, Wyoming

  • Conf Mountain West - Mountain
  • Jersey #30
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 07/08/1996
  • WT 241 lbs




    PROS: Has the frame needed to work downhill and play into the line of scrimmage. Excellent read and react ability when processing the run. Love his trigger and responses to reading his keys. Maximizes his range by reading quickly which also helps him get ahead of blocks. Does well to flow with good control, mirroring the back and not being manipulated to open up cutback opportunities. Good fluidity for his size and he moves well laterally. Has been a fairly sound coverage defender in college with good ball production. Good contact balance and hitting power as a tackler and when taking on blocks. Not guilty of playing out of control and he is a secure, wrap up tackler.  Physical and urgent in pursuit. 

    CONS:  A bit of a throwback linebacker that could have some issues in man coverage. Really only experienced with defending short zones. Can stand to play with better leverage. Want to see him clear blocks quicker. Has good range but I wouldn’t call him explosive. 

    BEST TRAIT - Processing

    WORST TRAIT - Man Coverage

    RED FLAGS - None

    Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson enters the NFL with monster production across four seasons in college, three coming as a team captain. He has the processing skills expected for such an experienced player where his key and diagnose ability shines. He’s physical, urgent and a standout tackler. While Wilson projects well to defending short zones and basic coverage drops, deeper drops and man coverage reps are missing from his tape. In addition, Wilson has good range and fluidity but the explosiveness of a true top talent at the position is lacking. Wilson has the upside of being a starting SAM or MIKE linebacker that provides quality play on the second level. At a minimum he should provide quality depth and special teams upside.