Lamont Gaillard

IOL, Georgia

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #53
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 02/08/1996
  • WT 295 lbs



    Functional Athleticism -  He's operational here, but not a legitimate asset. He does well driving defenders back and forcing bubbles, his feet can keep up when he's driving forward. Laterally and in space, he's a bit of a clunky, boxy mover who won't shine as bright. 

    Football IQ - Works combination blocks really well and shows a good comprehension of navigating defensive fronts and setting himself up with eyes in the right place. His issues athletically are amplified by some impatience and urgency to strike and land contact.   

    Anchor Ability - He's really strong and his frame, natural leverage and mass below the waist allow him to absorb a lot of power blows and re-anchor himself after conceding a yard or two of space. It's rare to see him blown off the ball.  

    Hand Technique - Dude works the slingshot technique like nobody's business. He's pretty astute with his hands and knows how to torque and leverage bodies to ensure his assignment is walked out of the play appropriately. Good continued effort work for additional leverage. 

    Balance - Not bad, but also not great. He's guilty of getting on top of his toes with too much frequency, limited somewhat by foot speed and somewhat but ability to keep the hips set low as he's looking to walk defenders back off the LOS. 

    Pass Sets -He'll walk back power rushes effectively after eating hands early on in his set. He's not able to showcase a lot of quickness laterally so keeping him in tight spaces will help protect him from delayed blitzes designed to stretch protection. Feet are mobile enough, but not quick.  

    Flexibility -Would consider him loose, he drops his pads out over the top of his toes as he's pressing to cover ground and there's forward tilt in his pads as he's pressing through first contact. Won't hinge and open to the boundary with any fluidity. 

    Power at POA - He's got nice suddenness to accelerate out of his stance and up the field. That initial momentum is consistently rolled into contact and allows for movement early on. That said, he can lose some of his push if defenders are able to force him into a pressed position. 

    Length/Extension - Has more extension anatomically than I would have guessed, some of that stems from a lack of control when he's locked out through the arms. His reach does give him plenty of room to manipulate bodies once he's own first contact. 

    Competitive Toughness - Dude is a brick house, he's super sturdy and build well to bump bellies with the big dudes. Not often he'll lose a battle against a bull rush. His effort level is fine, he does a nice job keeping eyes peeled when unattended to find work in pass protection. 

    BEST TRAIT - Power at POA

    WORST TRAIT - Flexibility

    BEST FILM - Tennessee (2018)

    WORST FILM - Alabama (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Lamont Gaillard presents modest upside as a potential starting center in the NFL. Gaillard's lateral mobility suggests he's best served playing in a gap/power system, he's more effective playing forward than side to side. Gaillard has a nice anchor and the needed functional strength to eat up power rushes on the interior while sustaining pocket integrity for his quarterback. He'll have to continue to develop patience in space and not chase blocks to maximize his potential. 

    Round Grade - Seventh Round