Lamical Perine

RB, Florida

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #2
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB 01/30/1998
  • WT 211 lbs




    Vision: Does a really nice job reading through the first level and into the second level. Manipulates double teams, blockers' leverage, and unblocked linebackers with the angles of his approach, a shifting of gears, and good timing/anticipation in the hole. Is committed to the front side and will run into traffic when things are plugged up in the first level -- does not have much of a creative instinct.

    Burst: Solid burst profile with a good sense of urgency and aggressiveness to attack narrow gaps developing in the first level. At his best on a runway where he can pace himself into hitting the jets, getting on top of second-level defenders quicker than they anticipate and busting angles into the third level. Carries explosiveness through corners nicely and is a good candidate for boundary plays.

    Change of Direction: Not a particularly elusive player. Has a narrow stance and doesn't activate his feet outside of his frame often to stop defenders' feet and soften angles -- everything is a race to the corner. Decent ability to stop his feet behind the line and react to a change in leverage on his blocker, and accordingly tries to lower a shoulder and drive through first-level contact instead of working backside. Straight-line player.

    Power: Drop in weight has decreased the oomph in his game. Still has plus contact balance but struggle to turn over the pile -- is likely even lighter than he's currently listed and doesn't run with much leverage to initiate contact and turn velocity into power. Ability to stay skinny and make quality, upfield decisions keeps his goal line ability afloat, however.

    Second-Level Speed: Has some juice when he gets into space. Straight-line runner who works angles and leverage to get into green grass where he has a clear second gear -- is able to break initial angles accordingly, but doesn't win many footraces with secondary players unless he's able to confound their angles by varying speed. Enough to generate explosive plays, but not truly elite.

    Contact Balance: Tough-nosed runner who is unfearful of a hit and enters contact with a ton of leg drive. Appreciate the competitiveness, but with that said, he's a narrow stance runner who has to play with velocity to be successful, so he never really is able to drop his hips and really survive true contact. The motor and the speed keep him alive against glancing blows, and he runs with good pace to maximize narrow gaps, but generally he's a good not great player here.

    Decision-Making: Not here to mess around. Gets to the line of scrimmage in a hurry and clearly keys his responsibilities early in/before reps to immediately begin working the angles he needs to make the unblocked defender miss. Really quality work manipulating EMLOS blocks on zone read plays and setting up double-team angles to ensure a free release into the second level. Ideal blend of patience and urgency to win in short-yardage situations and has a knack for timing.

    Pass Catching: Essentially doubled his career output in his senior season, filling a big gap in his pro evaluation. Showed the ability to separate underneath as an out-wide route runner or option-route release player with decisive cuts and good explosiveness. Hands aren't particularly impressive but he catches the balls he should, which is more than enough. Is a low-quality candidate for screens given open-field elusiveness.

    Pass Protection: Gets the mental aspects of the responsibility, and is still developing into the physical aspects. The motor and understanding of leverage are there, and there's clearly effort to sink and drive his hips to use his full body to stun rushers, but more active feet and better hand placement is needed to truly generate power into his opponent. Is not a liability and will tag the guy he needs to, which is more than a lot of RBs can say.

    Round Grade: Incomplete

    Best Trait: Decision-Making

    Worst Trait: Power

    Pro Comparison: Sony Michel

    Summary: Lamical Perine is a late Day 2/early Day 3 candidate for a team pursuing a committee back worthy of third-down usage. Perine adjusted his game coming in his senior season by dropping weight, and his physical toolset now makes more sense in the context of his play style. Perine is an aggressive north/south runner who does not waste time trying to make his opponents miss. His angular running style lends itself to power concepts running from an I-formation alignment, where he'll be able to hit skinny gaps with good pace, hit his second gear, and break tackles in the third level. Perine has enough of a receiving profile and is a candidate for three-down usage accordingly, but he will never create much more than he's blocked, which caps his ceiling. Perine is at his best splitting time with more dynamic options and is only a candidate for featured-back usage in the NFL behind a top-flight offensive line.

    Updated: 12/31/19