Kyler Murray

QB, Oklahoma

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #1
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB 08/07/1997
  • WT 190 lbs





    Accuracy - Generally accurate, but ball placement and location still need work. Can force his receivers into adjustments on outside the number throws at times, rather than leading them to YAC. Pretty clean short-intermediate as a passer. Can put a little too much air on his deep ball at times, forcing receiver to slow up for the ball.

    Decision-Making - Does he not see the field well or does he not care, instead opting to rely on his arm and dumb luck? Either way, Murray has to become a better decision maker in the NFL. Got away with a lot of decisions in the Big 12 that he wouldn't have against better competition. Alabama flubbed a couple of interception opportunities. Not above frustration throws into coverage. While he has reckless moments, not a snap-to-snap issue and generally remains calm in a clean pocket to make the proper decision.

    Mental Processing - Does not throw with anticipation very often, which can lead to a lot of balls in expiring windows. Flashes of progression work are encouraging for a first year starter, but can linger on his first read and doesn't really have the awareness to look off safeties yet. Holds the ball for a long time and he can get away with it at Oklahoma because of his OL and zero opposing pass rush...things will need to speed up in the NFL.

    Velocity/Arm Strength - Can drive the ball into tight windows with excellent velocity. Absolute whip to make high degree of difficulty throws. Can throw the ball for distance as well as any quarterback in the class. Excellent ability to vary touch and velocity as needed, just has to learn when to do each. Floats the ball at times when he should zip it. Great control over how much he's putting on the ball as a vertical passer.

    Pocket Presence - Typically does not see ghosts in the pocket, but at the first sign of pressure he's often bailing. Has passed up open receivers to get out of the pocket and pick up what he can with his legs, sometimes wisely so. Opts for Plan B a little too quickly, will be harder to make that work consistently in the NFL. When he steps up, it's almost always to run and not throw. So few instances of seeing him under pressures that it is hard to feel certain of any assessment of him in this area.

    Mechanics - Mechanics are interesting. Doesn't always have the proper footwork or follow through with his trail leg, yet still has the arm to hit near-hash and forward-facing targets. When he was forced to open to the sideline on the far hash, often threw so hard that he fell off his platform and lost accuracy/velocity. More consistent feet would aid him a lot. Release has moments of perfection, and others from more awkward-looking arm angles, but he makes that part work well.

    Improvisation - Capable of achieving a good result despite a bad process due to his legs and ability to extend plays off platform. Can throw accurately from off platform and has the arm to make it work from a compromised base. Scrambling ability and burst as a runner are incredibly rare at the position. Elite athlete. Too reliant on this ability at times, when he could play more within structure.

    Leadership/Work Ethic - Described as a leader by example by teammates. Not as vocal as Baker Mayfield was and not necessarily an alpha personality, which NFL teams will look into, but I don't care about. Work ethic and competitive drive are obvious. Lingering questions about baseball will surround him for the foreseeable future.

    Poise - Was absolutely rattled and skittish to begin the game against Alabama, settled in a little bit late in the game. That was by FAR the best defensive test he faced all year, on big stages in the Big 12 he seemed unfazed. Never faced copious amounts of pressure until Alabama.

    Athleticism/Size - Unprecedented small stature in the modern era of football for a quarterback. Not only is he extremely short for the position, it would be an upset if he topped 200 pounds. Only three fumbles all of last season, which should stave off the hand size sticklers. Absolutely elite athlete who might be the fastest quarterback in the NFL, and certainly the most explosive in his first three steps.

    BEST TRAIT – Athleticism/Arm Strength

    WORST TRAIT – Decision-Making

    RED FLAGS – None

    What a wild ride it has been, but here we are. Kyler Murray is my QB1 in the poor 2019 quarterback class. No, Murray won't have a first round grade from me, but he is a more exciting prospect than Dwayne Haskins with an admittedly lower floor. Murray's arm talent and athleticism allow him to achieve good results even with a flawed and sometimes unsustainable process, revealing flashes of what could be if he becomes more adept from the neck up.

    Right now Murray is a raw talent with elite athleticism and a nice arm, but playing quarterback takes a lot more than that. His burst and movement skills are jaw-dropping and will save him for awhile, but eventually he will need to develop the nuances of his game and perfect his mechanics, which will require a quarterback that is truly bought in to his growth and developmental as a football player.

    If Murray is still flirting with a commitment to the game of baseball, his transition to the NFL may not work. It will be essential for teams to discover how invested he is in becoming a great quarterback, as well as vetting how his size and run-heavy playing style will limit his availability in the NFL. Murray's evaluation and draft slot will be one of the most fascinating results of the 2019 draft. God help the teams in desperate need of a quarterback this year.

    Round Grade: Early 3rd