Kyle Dugger

S, Lenoir-Rhyne

  • Conf
  • Jersey #
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 220 lbs


    PROS: As a two-time team captain, everyone in the facility speaks glowingly about Dugger and the leadership qualities that he brings to the table. His daily challenges helped uplift and pressure his peers to take their play to the next level. The leader of the Bears defense, he was responsible for relaying calls to the back half of the defense as well as making checks when he felt they were needed. That’s the type of trust that the defensive coaching staff had in him as a whole. 

    The rare case of an all-around athlete that played defensive back, linebacker, running back and served as the team’s main return specialist -- involvement in all three phases were a constant theme for him. Never complaining or showing a sense of fatigue, Dugger maintained his play levels no matter the situation or role he was tasked with. 

    Elite lateral agility levels in that he covers a considerable amount of ground in a hurry. Gobbles up grass quickly and makes others look as if they’re running in slow motion. Outstanding closing speed and has a radar that’s able to zero in on targets while maintaining his balance and awareness to not over-pursue ball carriers. High levels of hitting power and whenever he comes into contact with the opposition, they immediately go down.

    CONS: Able to get away with a slow and delayed back pedal throughout his career and there was little urgency while in it. Prone to slow play every type of play in front of him, his trigger is fast, but he was rarely tested by anyone that could match his playing speed. Developing a more pressing pedal will help him escape the bad habit that he’s formed with being overly reactionary to plays wthin his vision.

    Dugger is a bit of a tweener in that he has enough athleticism to survive as a strong safety, but his best assets are how well he plays around the box. Due to being the best athlete on the field, he mostly played both safety spots during his collegiate career. Linebacker may be his calling card on the next level, but an area that will be a bit foreign to him initially because of the lack of reps playing there.

    Updated: 10/29/19