K'Lavon Chaisson


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #4
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 07/25/1999
  • WT 250 lbs




    First Step Explosiveness - Folks. This dude has rocket shoes, a jet pack or something else strapped on him. Explosiveness is top shelf and on reps where he's pressing for the edge he'll command length and clean feet to challenge him. He's sudden in space, too. Upfield drive step out of his 2 or 3 pt. stance gains a ton of ground.

    Hand Technique/Length - His hand fits setting the edge against the run are excellent. Shows ability to lock out and get a firm stab on the numbers. He's coming along nicely in his ability to play with finesse as well. There's plenty of room to grow but the arrow points up for execution — got better here throughout the season.

    Pass Rush Counters - Long arm, speed to power, double sweep and rip and dip are where he's most effective off the edge. Needs to develop another counter pre-contact and would love to see some more versatility to work inside. He has successfully flashed inside spin and came on strong with it throughout 2019 season to icepick and seal OTs.

    Flexibility - Surreal body control, both in space and around the edge. Surface reduction/lower body tilt can get damn near parallel to ground. He's very loose through the hips and lower half to plant/drive with quickness or open against momentum. Still working on getting inside foot to catch at steep angles on outside.

    Run Defending - His awareness is really strong and he pairs it with good gap discipline. Doesn't give up the edge with leverage. Sense to filter through traffic and use his hands to work through bodies to find the football are strong. Good balance to play off of contact and challenge as a tackler. He's super technical challenging pullers or turnout blocks.

    Competitive Toughness - This. Motor. Runs. HOT. Love his competitive spirit and effort to work back into plays on the back side. Peels back into the pocket if the QB flushes and has found second effort production. He's stout with angles — not a true boomer in in-line alignments but he's also got some room to grow on his frame too, which is a scary thought.

    Tackling - Explosive closing burst and a violent finisher. He'll hunt the football too when he's afforded the opportunity. Shows good length and good consistency as a wrap up tackler. Will make some plays he has no business making with his tackle radius and range thanks to short area agility.

    Lateral Mobility - He's got to be a little cleaner when he's put in a bind on the edge, he can be a little ambitious to work upfield in space before flipping to open to the boundary. His inside stunts are elite and offer plenty of fluidity, contact balance and burst to crash through A-gaps. His mirror skills or range to drive inside are A+.

    Stand Up Ability - How many guys of this stature do you know that successfully play jam in the slot or man up on TEs in the red zone? He's one of them. Pretty rare athlete with the versatility he brings to the table based on formations and personnel. Explosive burst out of a two-point stance as a rusher off the edge.

    Football IQ - Despite less than 30 games played, he's impressive with how much was put on his plate in 2019. He's coming along with his hand counters and rush consistency to set up OTs for successful first challenges at contact. Run defending IQ is through the roof and he's a natural/comfortable mover when flexed out of the POA. 


    Best Trait - Explosiveness

    Worst Trait - Production

    Best Film - Alabama (2019)

    Worst Film - Utah State (2019)

    Red Flags - 2018 ACL tear

    Player Summary - K'Lavon Chaisson is a dynamic threat off the edge — he possesses elite versatility, explosiveness and a prototypical build to play a hybrid EDGE. Chaisson is still developing as a pass rusher but his effectiveness in speed rushes and inside stunts will afford him a pathway to early disruption. Chaisson is a high end run defender with length and heavy hands — a true natural in that regard. The sky is the limit. Chaisson, with more rush versatility, can be a cornerstone defender.  

    Updated: 01/18/2020