Ke'Shawn Vaughn

RB, Vanderbilt

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #5
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB 05/04/1997
  • WT 205 lbs





    Vision - He's consistent here. Like his ability to process at the mesh point and will do well to feel soft spaces developing. Shows a fair amount of anticipation for second level flow but he's not going to to with defenders and force them to declare into false gaps before cutting into an adjacent hole.

    Feet/COD Skills - Fairly linear runner. When he's tasked with getting lateral and keeping himself square, he's pretty stale and doesn't showcase a lot of fluidity to pivot back into attack mode — and he doesn't really show spring in those cuts either. He's better when processing a gap has developed and attacking forward.

    Durability - Pretty compact build, which helps naturally protect him from taking abuse on his frame or getting jacked up by linebackers filling into the gap. He's not an ideal grinder or finisher, though — won't lean on and wear out defenders in any capacity, so his carries aren't going to provide more benefit later in the game.

    Balance - He'll add some extra yardage to his runs courtesy of absorbing contact because he's so low to the ground. Like his ability to attack creases, he doesn't need a big hole to press forward to the second level. He's not super imposing but he is definitely scrappy to ward off tacklers. The effort you want to see is there.

    Pass Protection - The results are not. He's lacking in the pop and lower body power to maintain interior pocket integrity versus free runners and is typically worth a good thud but won't have success sustaining his hands or sliding and mirroring to extend resistance.

    Elusiveness - Doesn't showcase a lot of imagination as a ball carrier. He's quick to drop the shoulder and challenge tacklers to fall forward through tackles. He's not super springy and as a result doesn't rely on open field maneuvers to win extra yardage. He does have a good second gear in the open field to take yards.

    Receiving Skills - Had his best career season from production standpoint in 2019 (28 receptions). Should be considered a viable check down receiver on the early downs but he hasn't shown dynamic movement skills to be a legitimate and potent receiving threat out of the backfield.

    Short Yardage Skills - He's got some modest density to his frame but if he's going to have to bull through front seven defenders to pick up needed yardage, you'd better have someone behind him to push the pile. He will, however, excel at getting skinny at the point of first contact and try to force a glancing blow.

    Football IQ - He's fairly sharp with his consistency as a ball carrier to not force negative runs — he'll take what he's given. But he doesn't show inspirational feel for creating additional yardage unless he's prompted to get into a footrace down the field when he's carrying momentum through the hole.

    Effort - He's blue collar, for sure. Appreciate what he's made of himself in the SEC for being a player that doesn't have a lot of high end skills in his toolbox. Whether it is pass routes, as a ball carrier or in protection, you'll get his best effort and he doesn't lie down for tacklers, either — he'll make you earn it. 


    Best Trait - Vision

    Worst Trait - Pass Protection

    Best Film - LSU (2018)

    Worst Film - Florida (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Ke'Shawn Vaughn projects as a low ceiling running back at the NFL level. Vaughn shows good vision between the tackles and fulfills all of the basic requisites of an NFL back, but he doesn't really have any traits that he can really hang his hat on as a next level player that would prompt a team to provide him with a featured role. He's a quality back-up running back as part of a stable, but he's not going to demand his pro team to feed him carries. Depth player and as such, a Day 3 target. 

    Updated: 02/24/2020