Keelan Doss

WR, UC Davis

  • Conf FCS
  • Jersey #3
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 209 lbs



    Route Running - Aligning on the outside and in the slot, Doss has a on of experience as a multi-year starter. His vertical cuts are above average, especially for his size. Better on the vertical plane, including up the seam. Only average acceleration off of the line of scrimmage, but has traits to suggest his vertical game will translate to the next level. Hand usage is excellent, consistently wiping away the defensive back's jam. Doss will fight pressure with pressure and work to stack, creating vertical and outside the number windows. Finds windows against zone coverage, quickly processing and diagnosing the coverage. Doss' weaknesses as a route runner come in his horizontal breaks, which can be a bit sluggish. Additionally, Doss works a bit slower through man coverage traffic over the middle.

    Athleticism/Speed - More of a "build-up" speed athlete, with an obvious second gear when given the time and space to extend his stride length. Was able to run by defensive backs at the FCS level when he was able to clear his hips and create a vertical path. Not a ton of acceleration when tasked with changing direction, limiting his burst. Should test well in a straight line, but I'm concerned about his agility drills.

    Hands/Ball Skills - Desirable ball skills at all levels of the field. Consistently extending his hands away from his frame in order to pluck the ball out of the air. Strong, strong tucks into his body upon getting his hands on the ball. Finishes through traffic and contact with the strength in his hands. When he uses his body to catch, it's generally when he has the defensive back boxed out from the catchpoint. Few drops, his tracking and concentration is a strength.

    Body Control - Body control and awareness along the boundary is impressive. With his natural extensions to the catchpoint and strong hands, Doss' awareness allows him to get his feet down in bounds on a consistent basis. Climbs the ladder off of any platform, attacking the ball in the air with ease. Desirable path to the catchpoint as a result of his tracking. Contested catch traits are a plus due to his combination of ball skills and body control.

    Ball Carrier - Smooth and fast transition from receiver to ball carrier. Whether in the screen game, tracking the ball downfield or coming back downhill towards the ball, he gets upfield immediately. Knifes through multiple defenders with his stride length. Smooth operator. Ability with the ball in his hands is a plus, especially considering his size.

    Stalk Blocking - Doss works hard as a blocker, who was tasked with crack blocks on safeties a strong amount. Does an excellent job with the stem of his stalk blocks, closing on the defensive back with pace. Issues can arise when he stops his feet, giving the defenders a chance to bend around him. However, Doss does a good job with his hand placement and will wash defenders downhill and away from the ball carrier. Works through traffic and finds work, including immediately after his RPO routes. If his feet can remain active throughout the entire play, his blocking will become a dominant aspect to his game.

    Versatility - Taken a strong amount of reps in the slot to compliment his projection to the outside. Ran routes in all levels of the field, and was heavily involved in the screen game. Showed he was a seam threat on film, suggesting that he'll be able to take reps in the slot at the next level. Well-rounded player.

    BEST TRAIT – Ball Skills

    WORST TRAIT – Dynamic route running

    RED FLAGS – None

    Doss had an incredibly productive final two seasons at FCS school UC-Davis with over 230 receptions and 2,800 receiving yards. He has an excellent physical profile for the next level, and will be headed to the Senior Bowl. His projection to the next level will be based on his vertical route running traits and ability in contested spots. The transition to the next level could be an extended one, as few receivers come from the FCS and start in the NFL right away. However, Doss has the traits to suggest a draftable grade and should stick to an NFL roster.