Kamren Curl

CB, Arkansas

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #2
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB --
  • WT 206 lbs


    Coverage Spacing - Lacks the top end juice or transitional quickness you'd ideally require from a deep safety. Could afford to play him in half field or quarters coverage but even then his ability to jump down into throws in front of his face is only modest at best — lacks burst and spring to drive on throws.

    Acceleration - He's only pedestrian here. If you ask him to play turn and run, you're risking him getting stacked vertically. Ask him to flip and open to the sideline in zone and his quickness there is limited as well — ideally an alley/run defender as primary use.

    Tackling - He's got some strong tackle challenges in one on one scenarios — especially when he's stepping down from the third level to thud and fill. His mirror skills aren't great and if he's alone on an island, he can false step and allow ball carriers to flip and carry across his face.

    Zone Coverage Skills - Will work better in the intermediate and shallow spaces than he will in deep coverage. Does not have the burst and anticipation to jump in front of throws and regularly test the catch point. He generally doesn't squeeze throwing windows hard enough to generate a lot of ball production, either.

    Ball Skills - Had flashed some fair adjustments to the football in flight, although he's reactionary and lacks anticipation for ball placement and targets. He has a fair amount of length and bounce in vertical situations so he is capable of lengthening himself and avoiding balls getting dropped in over the top.

    Competitive Toughness - He's tough! Like how he's aggressive to step down hill and thump ball carriers and blocks alike. He's got little issue running through light contact when he's dialed in on the football, although his motor isn't a hallmark trait and you did see him fall off the pace in rally scenarios from time to time.

    Flexibility - He's fairly straight line as an athlete. His base and lower half is pretty stale, lacking mobility to catch and redirect himself with swiftness. He's not going to shine if detached from bodies and charged with flipping or click and closing out of his pedal in space.

    Feet/COD - Adjustments don't offer a lot of value once he's got himself up to speed — he's not top heavy but he definitely corners and pivots tight, so keeping him on shallow angles will help to mitigate his issues in transition. He doesn't have any significant level of burst out of flat footed reads and needs a runway.

    Man Cover Skills - Physical skills here are present to play bump and run but would need a lot of coaching exposure to get him ready to play here and even then he's more of a TE match-up instead of slot receivers, but his size poses issues to staying engaged on TEs with consistency to avoid getting knocked off his landmark.

    Versatility - Kick coverage and special teams will definitely boost his value; he profiles as a long-term value player in that capacity. Not sold on him in the nickel, nor am I sold on him playing deep coverage or a lot of man to man coverage. Will need a revelation in some aspect of base defense to command a role on high snap frequency. 


    Best Trait - Run Defending

    Worst Trait - Flexibility

    Best Film - Mississippi (2019)

    Worst Film - Alabama (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Kamren Curl projects as a rotational/depth defender at the pro level. Thanks to his stout tackling and effort to fly into the face of the play, Curl may be regulated to special teams duties to protect him from poor impact and consistency in coverage — though he should certainly commandeer a roster spot and become a presence on the bottom of an NFL roster. Curl's upside is limited by tightness through the hips and a lack of lateral fluidity when forced to play in transitions. 

    Updated: 03/22/2020