Justice Hill

RB, Oklahoma State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #5
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB --
  • WT 190 lbs





    Vision -Shows effective understanding of pressing into the gap and allowing his blocks to develop. Can put himself in a hole with excessive cuts, needs to be more willing to hit doubles instead of home runs. Worked with a lot of thin boxes, will require time to acclimate to higher box #s.

    Feet/Change of Direction -Feet are light, nimble and show effective quickness, even with trash on the ground. Has some awesome reps to start/stop and generate a rushing angle in the backfield. Hard jump cuts are present and effective to vacate space and quickly find a bubble at the POA.

    Durability -Endured rib injury at the end of junior season and missed final 3 games, no health issues otherwise. Has a leaner frame and isn't going to be a back to pound carries between the tackles and wear out defenders late in games.

    Balance -Shows strong ability to reset the feet and bound in and out of traffic. Offers some admirable contact balance and thanks to foot quickness is able to recollect himself if not challenged with a wrap up tackle.

    Pass Protection -Surprisingly pleasant results when left in to protect. Frames his blocks well when stepping up on to the edge and offers enough anchor and space to buy his passer time. Shows good pad level and pop to absorb initial blows.

    Elusiveness -Very slippery back in one on one situations. Puts head up tacklers in a bind thanks to lateral quickness, confident head fakes and an active free arm. Great acceleration out of a cut to break pursuit angles and find open room.

    Receiving Ability -Hands are not the softest but has been utilized a lot as a receiving option out of the backfield. Shows good urgency out of chip blocks to press into the flats and work eyes back for the ball. Will set up leveraged linebackers in coverage before accelerating out of breaks.

    Short Yardage Skill -Lacks push in the pile and lower body power to have success in short yardage. Runs with aggressiveness and can slash through a gap but isn't capable of falling forward with consistency as a means of converting tough yardage situations.

    Football Intelligence -High volume usage in spurts and is a three year starter. Speed of the game won't be a problem for a rusher who plays fast, but his lack of exposure to high volume boxes is an area for concern that can inhibit and slow his transition to the NFL.

    Effort -Plays hard in all facets, even when selling zone read or RPO action out of the backfield to influence the linebackers. Has made an impact on all three downs and has potential to continue to do so at the NFL level.


    BEST TRAIT - Elusiveness

    WORST TRAIT - Short Yardage Skill

    BEST FILM - Oklahoma (2017)

    WORST FILM - Iowa State (2018)

    RED FLAGS - 2018 rib INJ

    Justice Hill projects as a potential feature rusher at the NFL level. Hill illustrates high end lateral quickness and cut ability, plus a diverse attack in the open field to put defenders in a bind. Hill needs to cut down on the greedy plays, he's guilty of overworking his cuts and would be well served to make one cut on the second level and work for gained yardage. Hill will not find much success pushing the pile but teams featuring a lot of inside/outside zone concepts would feature him most effectively.