Josiah Scott

CB, Michigan State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #22
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB 04/05/1999
  • WT 185 lbs



    Man Coverage Skills - Like his quickness and mirror ability. He's going to do well in short spaces and is capable of playing off coverage and triggering to get into the hip of receivers on quick game. Ability to influence from the trail is limited by wingspan, however. Will get bullied in press coverage on the boundary.

    Zone Coverage Skills - He's sharp. Transitions out of initial drop or buzz well to jump into action — shows good feel for route combinations and ability to pivot quickly and overlap his zone into multiple targets. He'll be of high impact in shallow zones thanks to enthusiasm to buzz the run game.

    Feet/COD - He's fluid and quick-footed — he fits the profile of a nickel defender and has the ability to pivot or click and close with quickness. He's got good transitional quickness in both flat footed scenarios and when carrying routes vertically to gear down and work back to the football.

    Ball Skills - Has a good nose for undercutting the ball and will jump in front of receivers from time to time to flash and create some splash plays. He's not going to have success in high point scenarios or trying to reach through the body of his man — lacks the wingspan and strength to wrestle for positioning.

    Flexibility - Very fluid. Has little issue with swerving his hips at steep angles or speed turning to carry and work back into the body of receivers in man coverage. He's got a pretty dynamic lower half and offers plenty of mobility to plant at steep angles and create suddenness.

    Acceleration - Long speed is good. He went stride for stride with some speedy dudes in the B1G, including KJ Hamler. He will have little issue staying sticky and going stride for stride without safety top overhead — although that's in a role from the slot and not when asking him to play press outside.

    Defensive Spacing - He'll do well to squeeze and bottleneck throwing windows by working into the hip — that said there are times when hand fighting can work him loose and allow for separation. He's springy in zone and capable of jumping down into the teeth of the throw; capable of baiting quarterbacks.

    Competitive Toughness - His effort is A+, I love the way he plays. That said, he plays like he's 210 and he's not — so his ability to finish and assertiveness can be hit or miss depending on who he is trying to bump. Combative and scrappy in coverage, fights to suffocate receivers. Enthusiastic playing the run.

    Run Support - He's quick to process and his quick-footed athleticism plays well in the nickel to pivot into action and step down to the boundary. He's effective to force ball carriers to square him up but he can let tackles slip through his fingers and blow contain if he's squaring up dense or physical backs.

    Tackling -Tackle radius is pretty small due to his wingspan and frame. He'll do well to position himself for finishes and is effective in cut down tackles — but he's got little margin for error and can be pin balled off of more dense running backs in the flat. Takes good initial angles to close down and square up. 


    Best Trait - Feet/COD

    Worst Trait - Tackling

    Best Film - Oregon (2018)

    Worst Film - Wisconsin (2019)

    Red Flags - 2018 meniscus INJ

    Summary - Josiah Scott projects as a potential nickel defender at the pro level. Scott shows good combativeness, effective COD skills and a strong enthusiasm to play into contact. Those qualities make sense to put him in the nickel as a D-gap defender, but any team that takes him on will have to be willing with some tackling limitations on account of his lack of wingspan and lean frame. Coverage diverse defender who can bring value to any defense — just limited in boundary upside. 

    Updated: 03/28/2020