Josh Jones

OT, Houston

  • Conf American Athletic - West
  • Jersey #74
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 06/21/1997
  • WT 311 lbs





    Pass Sets - His feet are raw, guilty of some false steps working out of his stance and will force himself into quick transitions to flip and carry rushers up the edge. His feet are fluid and light, which allows for suddenness in mirror situations but he's guilty of over-setting and can be a dog chasing cars versus flashing hands or head fakes.

    Length - He's got requisite length to play on the outside. He doesn't have exceptional extension to ride rushers out but he's got ample mobility and athleticism to stay sticky. His punch timing can improve to maximize his initial stun and protect him from quick transitions in his sets.

    Balance - His athletic ability in the open field is super impressive. He's got great mirror skills and his ability to accelerate and gear down to align his blocks in the open field are a huge asset. His scatter shot feet can result in a narrow base at times, which results in ineffective resistance versus heavy hands.

    Hand Technique - He's actually got a really nice snatch move to dispatch of rushers around the outside. Hand activity is strong and persistent to work for an inside fit. His initial punch can be ineffective or late on occasion but his recovery effort here is pretty solid and affords him the chance to fit himself accordingly.

    Power at POA - When he catches defenders flush, he's got a ton of push because of how mobile his feet are and how dynamic his hip are to roll through contact. He'll lose some of his juice with ineffective framing but recovery push in the run game is present thanks to his natural athleticism.

    Football IQ - Isn't where you'd ideally like to see a four year starter from a fundamentals perspective. Will need work with his framing, footwork and patience to not chase and instead covet his leverage and angles. If he can be remodeled on his patience and trust in his foot speed, he'll be just fine.

    Functional Athleticism - Pretty awesome to watch him pull off the backside of runs or release and scrape across the second level to pick up screens on the far side of the field. Has athletic tools that he falls back on in case of emergencies and will outclass rushers on the edge because of how quick he can flip his hips and run.

    Anchor Ability - He's well built and dense in the right spots to illustrate desirable functional strength. His feet betray him at times and open the door for rushers to roll through in speed to power reps when he's forced to compensate for a bad get off. Can be too loose with his posture to walk himself back into recovered stance.

    Flexibility - Very fluid. Appreciate how much range he's got in his hips to hinge as a puller or open himself to the boundary versus outside pressure. His base is dynamic but undisciplined and actually robs him of his center of gravity and anchor at times. He's a plus athlete all around and shows unique mobility.

    Competitive Toughness - He'll flash some dominant reps but he's not consistent enough with functional application and his undisciplined nature costs him too much of his ceiling. He "big boy'd" a bunch of AAC pass rushers and won't have the same luxury to simply out-athlete pass rushers in the pros. 


    Best Trait - Functional Athleticism

    Worst Trait - Footwork

    Best Film - Oklahoma (2019)

    Worst Film - Washington State (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Josh Jones is a high ceiling, low floor offensive tackle prospect who is an OL coach's dream. With his natural skills, Jones showcases dominant physical flashes on the field and possesses the athletic ability to be a dominant pass blocker and weapon in the run game. But Jones' skills need significant polish from the ground up — he's still raw with his pass sets and footwork and can be too reactive in live action to over-set or over-pursue. Ideally he can be weaned into a starting role in the NFL. 

    Updated: 02/08/2020