Josh Jobe

CB, Alabama

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #28
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB 04/09/1998
  • WT 189e lbs



    *One of eight children who all were adopted by his aunt

    *Known for his character, structure, and discipline–everyday high school regime included taking a train and two different city buses in order to get to school


    Scheme tendencies: Attacking odd front defense with lots of man-to-man coverage principles

    2021 projected role: Starting outside boundary corner

    Pros: A rocked up, long-armed, and thin/high-waisted cornerback prospect, Jobe is a physical presence that isn’t shy about wanting to bring physicality to the line of scrimmage. Jobe does an outstanding job of disguising his press tactic. Mainly with his inside hand, he will often give the illusion as if he’s going to give a hard one-hand jam, but he’s bluffing to get the receiver to reveal their release plan(s). He’s a smooth back pedaler that does play a bit high, but there are minimal delays with his hip turns and transitions on vertical routes. Works hard to recover when losing track in phase. Has had some standout effort plays that included him getting back into the picture after initially being beaten at the line. Has a well-developed understanding that the sideline is his ally and can suffocate receivers toward it, forcing quarterbacks to make perfect throws along the sideline. Primarily utilized as the boundary corner, he embraced the role of the bully to that side and the scheme allowed him to perform physical acts in that territory. Has lots of reps where he carries targets out of bounds and finishes them outside of the white well past the parameters of the sideline paint. An A+ addition to the run game, he brings a linebacker's attitude in run support. An excellent tackler, he throws his weight around well and under control when executing in run support. Could be graded as a safety on some teams' boards due to his physicality levels and special teams experience. He’s a frequent presence and tackle-maker on special teams, which will help his pre-draft profile.

    Cons: Will be a 24-year-old NFL rookie, which may be a negative for teams that value youth in prospects. As an ultra physical player, he doesn’t have an end notch on his physicality dial. With 15 penalties over the last two seasons, his periodic choices of physicality over technique could lead to him being a pass interference magnet early on or until he’s able to locate the fine line of control when getting hands on matchups. Jobe will be a bit limited in true press-man schemes because of his hip tightness and delayed stutter steps when attacking in-breaking routes. Planting and driving on routes toward his inside shoulder was where he was the most susceptible because it placed the most stress on his hip flexibility levels. His urge for contact can be way too high and he becomes grabby during WR releases and during route stems. He’s a counted upon addition as a run support player, but he can often get too caught up in anticipating the engagement portion of tackle, which forces him to lose sight/focus of leverage when attempting to peel off blocks. Giving up the edge or runs over his outside shoulder happened a few times throughout games.