Jordan Love

QB, Utah State

  • Conf Mountain West - Mountain
  • Jersey #10
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 11/02/1998
  • WT 223 lbs






    PROS: Checks the boxes in terms of size and body composition. Good mobility and athleticism; capable of extending plays with his feet, hitting throws on the move and taking off with the ball in his hands. Sound mechanically and can hit throws from a variety of arm slots. Over the top release that is lighting quick. Does well to follow through and get his legs involved on throws. Love how he hangs in the pocket and keeps his eyes down the field. Willing to test leverage advantages in man coverage and slot throws between zones. Aware of his outlets. Has the arm talent to make any throw. Has some impressive moments of ball placement to all levels. 

    CONS: Needs to improve his field vision and awareness. Often fails to recognize or completely disregards coverage rotations and it doesn’t have a great enough impact on his decision making. He throws some careless, YOLO balls that need to be reduced. While there is a lot to like about his willingness to be patient and stay in the pocket, his internal clock is often tardy. Can be aggressive vertically to fault. Has to find more consistency with timing and progressions. Has general accuracy with plenty of misfires. 

    BEST TRAIT - Physical Gifts

    WORST TRAIT - Decision Making

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Colin Kaepernick 

    Jordan Love isn’t without his warts but he possesses a high-level physical skill set and peaks on tape that reveal the ceiling of a potential dynamic NFL starting quarterback. His arm talent and mobility is perfect for the trends of today’s NFL and there is no limitations to what he can do on the field. The full playbook is open for Love and then some. With that said, he does need to make notable strides in several key areas including decision-making, timing and accuracy to achieve his ceiling. An early investment in Love is a bet on yourself to be able to develop his overall game but his upside is worth the calculated risk.