Jonah Williams

OT, Alabama

  • Conf SEC
  • Jersey #73
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 11/17/1997
  • WT 301 lbs




    Run Blocking - Does well to leverage his hips, uncoil, accelerate his feet, fit his hands and extend his arms to generate movement. Knows how to establish his body positioning to create lanes and take advantage of angles. Technique and power work in concert which makes him highly effective. Timing is generally precise.

    Pass Blocking - Works from a consistently set base, excellent body control/posture and good foot speed to frame rushers and stay square. Has a stout anchor and absorbs power well. Can be over-aggressive in pass pro which forces him to open his hips and invite rushers through the b-gap. Lack of length does lead to him getting outreached and rushers are able to work into his frame. That said, he does well to bow his back and extend his reach.

    Blocking in Space - Effective vertical blocker and connects at a high rate. Body control and angles are sound. Does well to anticipate flow and cut off pursuit. Squares up opponents and initiates contact. Light on his feet which enables him to reach landmarks in space. Timing is excellent.

    Power - Illustrates both a stout anchor and the ability to move bodies in the run game. Capable of absorbing power and redirecting it. Maximizes his play strength by playing with good leverage. Grip strength when the clamps are set is impressive.

    IQ - Timing and technical refinement speak to his football intelligence. Astutely takes care of the first level before releasing to the second level. Anticipates stunts and different pressure packages while possessing the reactive athletic ability and processing skills to counter. Always finds work when uncovered.

    Feet - Light on his feet. Slides his feet well and easily redirects his weight. Takes good initial pass sets but must be careful to not overly commit to defending the outside track and leaving the door open inside. Keeps feet moving through contact when drive blocking.

    Hands - Does well to work his hand fits through each rep. Is generally the aggressor to establish first contact. Features excellent grip strength to steer and sustain blocks once he is locked in. Is guilty of getting out-reached and opponents can work into his frame. Has good pop and timing with his punch.

    Balance - Plays with consistent body control, leverage and posture. Doesn't spend time on the ground unless he is finishing blocks. Good mobility and control working in space. Has featured the ability to re-leverage his hips and re-set his anchor.

    Versatility - Has started at both right and left tackle and performed well. Projects favorably to the interior should lack of reach limit him at tackle. Impact blocker in the run game, pass protection and on the move.

    BEST TRAIT - Power/Mobility

    WORST TRAIT - Length

    RED FLAGS - None

    Williams' balanced and smooth footwork, combined with technical refinement and excellent play strength make him an exciting prospect. While he deserves a chance to prove his lack of reach will limit him too much in the NFL, he has tremendous upside as an interior blocker. A three-year starter at Alabama, Williams has been tested against the best pass rushers college football has to offer and should be able to make an early impact in his NFL career and anchor a font five for years to come.

    Round Grade - First Round Value