JoJo McIntosh

S, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12
  • Jersey #14
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'0''
  • DOB 03/17/1996
  • WT 219 lbs


    PROS: Has excellent NFL size at 6'1 220. Looks to have excellent length. Hard-hitting safety that looks to punish. Plays with good vision and anticipation downhill against passing concepts and most space ideas, arriving on time and with good leverage. Closing burst particularly impresses--wins as a contain/EMLOS player because of his ability to get downfield in a hurry. Takes on climbing blockers with good physicality near line of scrimmage; will help create congestion and shows the ability to rip through and reset. Plays with aggression from his deep alignment and looks to eliminate passing options early; showcases good understanding of route ideas when extending assignments to go make a play elsewhere. Will adjust centerfield orientation to fit scrambling QBs and flood concepts.

    CONS: Not a consistent tackler, either in the scrum or in space, given desire to lay the wood. Struggles with gearing down and playing under control in his approach; angles are often over-aggressive and allow for cutbacks. Does not wrap when bringing contact and will melt off of tackles; also arrives too upright into tackles and blocks alike, playing with a weaker base that makes him easier to displace. When approaching the box, does not see blocking concepts and leverage overly well, which contributes to his over-aggressive downfield play.

    Coverage ability--both zone and man--a major concern. Does not seem to have ideal range to play centerfield, his primary alignment in 2017 tape. Could likely acquit himself well as a split-safety exclusively, but an inability to provide value outside of that role drastically limits his stock. Shows some ability in short zones given burst and vision, but poor agility limits his ability to adjust throughout the down. High-waisted frame forces laborious work through angles, firstly evident in turn and run. Experience in man coverage highly limited and physical limitations seem to indicate quicker players could separate from him. Must prove he can offer something during man coverage reps to earn significant defensive snaps.