J.K. Dobbins

RB, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #2
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'10"
  • DOB 12/17/1998
  • WT 217 lbs






    Vision - His wide/outside zone work is terrific, pressing the LOS with controlled pace — yet carries himself quickly and transitions fast thanks to high end processing and anticipation to break when defenders declare themselves to gaps. He's rarely busted without a cut and isn't put off or frazzled by early penetration.

    Feet/COD - SMOOTH! He's jitterbug when he wants to be and a dynamic lateral cutter when he wants to be. There's no shortage of reps of him altering his base to step around, over or clear trash near his feet and slip to the boundary — all his cuts feature spring and allow him to snap back into upfield progress once he cuts.

    Durability - Had a down year in 2018 and bounced back with a dominating performance in 2019 with over 300 carries. Proved capable of the bell cow role as needed and he's a nightmare in the secondary with how he'll physically challenge tacklers and drop a shoulder to make you think twice about taking him on high.

    Balance - Contact balance is really nice, he's low and squatty to the ground but comes with a more dynamic base than comparable backs which allows him to catch himself from steep angles and drive through contact. Open field balance to string together cuts is strong and he's taken jock straps on the second level with high speed dekes and jukes.

    Pass Protection - Got his wires crossed on a handful of occasions and been late to find a flashing defender bursting through a gap. His A-gap work is strong, he'll attack defenders and deliver significant blows to stonewall LBs dead in their tracks. Effort here is strong, too — won't have issues motivating him to bang in protection.

    Elusiveness - Oily hips do well to open and get skinny as he slips through gaps on hard one cuts. He's able to contort himself with significant rotation to slip a spare limb. Won't find many guys who can bring him down from the side. He's got great wiggle and body control for his frame, much improved from his 2018 campaign.

    Receiving Skills - Reliable outlet receiver who had some big plays left on the field by QB either missing him uncovering on wheel routes or by errant throws. Soft hands and is a natural hands receiver to pluck the ball in the flats and get his eyes upfield to set himself up to slip the first arriving tackler.

    Short Yardage - Low build and powerful lower half will allow him to challenge narrow creases for a needed yard. He runs through soft challenges and has ability to fall forward in the pile. Not the most powerful bruiser but you better get him low in short yardage or he's going to put you on your back.

    Football IQ - Natural rushing instinct and feel for setting up LBs when he gets some width out of the mesh point is tremendous. Quick to find the back door when POA is bottled up on inside rushes as well. Highly experienced player despite junior status and given his quick processor he should find success early and often at the NFL level.

    Effort - Brings it in all phases of the position. Runs hard and he's not one to duck out of bounds without delivering a blow to his tackler when he's leveraged or pinned into the sidelines. He's a blue collar player and did well to find more explosiveness in 2019 offseason to set himself up for a big boost in draft stock. 


    Best Trait - Vision

    Worst Trait - Pass Protection

    Best Film - Wisconsin (2019)

    Worst Film - Michigan (2018)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - J.K. Dobbins is a future feature back. Dobbins' vision will allow him to thrive in a gap heavy rushing system, he's masterful in his press of the LOS and short area agility to cut and work to daylight based on defensive flow. Dobbins brings three down value as a feature back and his natural hands make him a threat for a top RB role in the years to come. Dobbins consistently wins his footraces to the end zone and teams needing life on the ground shouldn't hesitate to prioritize him. 

    Updated: 01/10/2020