Jeffrey Okudah

CB, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB --
  • WT 200 lbs







    Feet: I mean it's just stupid. Feet are unbelievably quiet and ability to pedal and shuffle outside of his frame while retaining balance and maintaining a base to recover and change direction in all angles of play. Has a variety of techniques to deploy at the line of scrimmage and in off cover alignments: ideally a soft-shoe player who can also play in the side shuffle or half turn.

    Man Technique: Is comfortable both getting and playing connected while carrying routes into the sideline/help, or playing in disconnected/trail techniques and undercutting breaking routes. Plays through the frame and disrupts route timing in the contact window and regularly gets his head back to the football before the receiver. Can anticipate route breaks ridiculously well, whether through feel, vision, or down/distance.

    Zone Technique: Understandably deployed zone coverage far less frequently than in man coverage (because he's so good at it), but has clear examples of route recognition, zone overlapping, baiting QBs into throws. Explosiveness and length create PBUs and his click-and-close allows him to fire through receiver's frame. Has a great instinct for a catch point.

    Press Technique: Put on the tape to teach the kids. Extremely chill at the line of scrimmage with the ability to mirror receivers' release moves; has an unbelievable knack for parsing release moves and understanding when he's being led astray. Able to get aggressive and generate displacement early in route concepts and has good power to absorb contact without losing balance.

    Ball Skills: It's legitimately upsetting how good he is. Explosive leaping ability with ideal length and timing to address the ball at the high point. Finds the catch point through the frame with insane quickness and consistency and creates PBUs with his physicality and hitting power. Able to recover in the trail, maintain downfield leverage on deep balls. He's just good at everything.

    Mental Processing: Has a tremendous feel for route distribution and drop sequencing. Always seems to feel when a back-shoulder play is developing or when a release move is lying to him. Reads the QB's drops from off coverage and zone alignments and understands how route spacing overlaps over zone coverage to take away primary reads.

    Reactionary Quickness: Haven't watched a player like this in the college level. He is never out of position and never incapable of recovering and attacking back to the football. Can bait throws by allowing separation and then closing distances at impossible rates. Invariably is the first to the football between himself and the receiver.

    Fluidity: Flexibility, foot fire, and balance are all elite levels, which lead to ridiculous fluidity in changing direction. Needs to have tremendous physical tools to match his processing speed and does so. Can speed turn at the line of scrimmage effortlessly, flip his hips into in-breaking routes and drive to close throwing lanes. Retaining balance and recovery ability through contact is unteachable.

    Tackling: He isn't the best tackling cornerback every; I don't care. Will melt off of contact at times and doesn't seem to have great grip strength. Hitting power is impressive and will generate turnovers and PBUs with ability to arrive on time with catch point. Inactive fill defender against the run who will let contact come to him.

    Round Grade: Incomplete

    Best Trait: Reactionary Quickness

    Worst Trait: Tackling

    Player Comparison: Jalen Ramsey

    Summary: Jeffrey Okudah's off a spaceship, man. Players with his flexibility and fluidity don't have his length and size, and even players with such a physical profile don't have the eyes and mind that Okudah does. Okudah's elite ability to play with both his eyes in the backfield and his back to the ball stems from extremely quick eyes, a balanced base, and insane reactionary athleticism. Okudah is never out of position and regularly baits QBs and creates opportunities to attack the football because of his elite range of motion. Okudah is scheme-transcendent and matchup-immune, and projects as a high-caliber starter in Year 1 with an All-Pro ceiling during his rookie contract.