Javelin Guidry

CB, Utah

  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #28
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB --
  • WT 188 lbs



    Man Coverage Skills - He's got plenty of potential to play sticky in man. Like his ability to get into the hip of slot receivers and has the pitter-patter in his feet necessary to mirror and break down versus whip routes or hard angles. He's not overly long but movement skills allow him to feel and shadow receivers.

    Zone Coverage Skills - He can be a little too visual, will be pulled in or out of position by flashing routes or by the eyes of the quarterback. Ability to squat and sit underneath to attack throwing lanes isn't a natural assignment for him and there will be development needed for high zone usage.

    Feet/COD - His feet are quick! Love his suddenness and bounce that he provides to click and close or drive across receivers' face in off coverage. There's plenty of speed to slide laterally and stay over top of routes. He's got good snap to reset in order to recover and get back up to top speed versus hard angles.

    Ball Skills - He's compact — so his length isn't a great asset that will allow him to combat the catch point in contested situations. That said, he's made some strong plays on the ball (Texas 2019) and shows some good hand-eye coordination. Just don't ask him to box out or high point throws vs. big bodies.

    Flexibility - He's very fluid, he's a good athlete all around but does not have any issues with hinging himself open to get width or suddenly open himself vertically when tested or bested at the line of scrimmage and forced to flip and carry with quickness to stay in position.

    Acceleration - Dude can fly. He ran one of the best times at the 2020 NFL Combine and that burst, twitch and long speed show up on the field of play, too. He's got a smooth gas pedal and is quick to get up to top speed in transition, in foot races down the field and in click and close scenarios from off coverage.

    Defensive Spacing - He's got the mirror skills to avoid getting shook — although he appears to still be thriving as an athlete and route technicians may be able to manipulate him or create a false step. He's cleaner in man coverage than zone; where he can get snookered or pulled out of position with eyes.

    Competitive Toughness - General consensus is he's a plus football character and a positive influence & team leader. Like his scrap in man coverage and he'll hand fight and contest targets down the field with urgency. That said, he's not as strong functionally as his weight room strength indicates — but he is dense.

    Run Support - Will get pushed off his spot from time to time trying to wall off or step up into the D-gap. Playing him in early downs or against big slots may cause some problems for run fits and consistency. His tackling can be a bit scatter shot in head up scenarios — he's a better striker than he is a wrap up tackler.

    Tackling - Wingspan isn't a liability but it also isn't elite — so he's often forced to either strike or cut down ball carries or hope to transition to dead weight at contact. He isn't a looming presence and if he's forced to challenge coming off of a block or contact, he likely won't finish consistently. 


    Best Trait - Burst

    Worst Trait - Run Support

    Best Film - Texas (2019)

    Worst Film - USC (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Javelin Guidry projects as a viable slot option in sub-packages at the NFL level. Guidry is a twitchy athlete and a viable inside cover defender, he's got all the necessary movement skills to mirror quick footed receivers in man coverage. He's not the biggest player and his ability to bury himself into the D-gap isn't where he'll win — so a higher snap role might not necessarily make sense. But man cover systems that call upon a lot of defensive sub-packages will have plenty of use for him. 

    Updated: 03/28/2020