James Morgan

QB, Florida International

  • Conf Conference USA - East
  • Jersey #12
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 02/12/1998
  • WT 213 lbs


    Arm Accuracy - Accuracy is pretty impressive on vertical shots and he's got really nice flashes in a murky pocket. Love his placement in the honey hole vs. Cover 2 — a number of big throws there. He'll let his mechanics and base break down the longer he holds the ball, somewhat of a rhythm passer.

    Decision Making - He's willing to stand in and stare down the barrel! Appreciate that toughness but his processor does need to speed up to get the ball out quicker at times, he'll take bad sacks or even worse force throws with miscommunications with receivers as routes get off script and convert to sandlot chaos.

    Progressions - His eyes are capable of scanning the full field of play and he's got a good sense of where his guys are going to be when he looks opposite his read to move the safety. He'll get stuck on the primary on occasion, especially if he feels it SHOULD be there before the snap. In all, the full field is at his disposal.

    Anticipation - Some of his spot throws are absolutely money. He'll zip deep outs to the far sideline, lead his receivers on comebacks into the boundary and lace it between holes in zone coverage with effectiveness. His sense of pressure needs to built but as far as arm talent and spot throws, it is his best quality.

    Poise - Has had some success sliding in the pocket and keeping his eyes down the field. When he feels the room closing in around him, he'll let himself fall into bad habits but he's not afraid to get popped in the mouth and has made a number of bit throws into the teeth of pressure. There's promise here.

    Arm Strength - He robs himself of some of his juice with a bit of a narrow base, would like to see him recruit his lower half a bit more with consistency. When he wants to or feels compelled to put heat on it, he's definitely got the goods. His deep balls are a little lofty at times, would like to see him drive them with more consistency.

    Pocket Awareness - Natural sense to slide at the top of his drops has effectively bought himself the needed time to hold and get the ball out. If he's flushed out of the pocket, he does pretty well to find outlets but if he doesn't have a gap to slip against interior pressure, odds are you've got him sacked.

    Mechanics - He's got a unique delivery, more of a slingshot motion and does have some elongation to his sequence. He's not an over the top passer too, which will influence his torso on follow through at times and create some inconsistencies with placement — you see it most when he's rushed, as you'd expect.

    Footwork - His drops are nice! He's pretty even balanced getting to the top of his drop and like what he brings to collect himself and slide. Reset is present and presence of mind is there to make slight adjustments on double pumps to the same side of the field. He's not the lightest on his feet, but clean drops none the less.

    Mobility - He's not going to gouge you on the ground and generally speaking he's only a functional athlete within the pocket. Big, strong body will bring some value in quarterback sneak scenarios to push the pile and pick up a tough yard if it is needed. Ability to create within or outside the pocket is limited. 


    Best Trait - Pocket Awareness

    Worst Trait - Decision Making

    Best Film - Tulane (2019)

    Worst Film - Old Dominion (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - James Morgan is one of the more appealing developmental quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft. Morgan has some impressive flashes of spot throws and willingness to stand in and survey under pressure and pairs it with a prototypical build and a preference to push the ball down field. Too often Morgan will eat the ball and take bad sacks and he's got to quicken his process and delivery some — but he's got A+ intangibles, a promising level of arm talent and an eye for the big throw. 

    Updated: 02/13/2020