Jalen Reagor


  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB 01/01/1999
  • WT 195 lbs







    Route Tree - Appreciate the nuance he brings to route releases to force false steps or create space before accelerating. He's shifty both at the LOS and when closing down on the toes of off defenders, showing great snap, footwork and pace. Movement skills to run any route in the tree. 

    Hands - There are lapses with concentration here, seemingly from looking to get his eyes up the field too quickly and look for run after catch opportunities. When he's focused, he gets it clean and has little issue catching balls that test his catch radius or elevating above the rim. 

    Contested Catch Ability - He's best when he has to go high for the football. If you're asking him to jostle for positioning and box out, that's not where he's going to win. But put a ball up high and outside in the red zone and he'll sky for it and typically gets his frame back around to greet the ball, too. 

    RAC Ability - Play him in the quick game and he's going to give you chunk gains from time to time, good field vision, excellent explosiveness, strong creativity to force a missed tackle or false step. Sells cuts with head snap, capable of stringing cuts together. 

    Football IQ - Natural instinct here to win on different levels, shows good understanding of when he's got leverage and how to sell defenders on something other than his true intent. Much more polished and pro-ready than offense gave him the chance to showcase. 

    Vertical Receiving Skills - Devastating vertical receiver with easy speed to blow past defenders who bite on double moves or fail to sink quick enough. His ball tracking skills are best in vertical situations, shows good body control to high point, adjust to the ball and pounce to attack the football. 

    Change of Direction Ability - Twitch is littered all throughout his game and whether that comes in speed outs, stop routes, lateral releases vs. press or cutting back against defensive pursuit, he'll make undisciplined defenders look silly with his redirect ability.  

    Speed - Blazing fast runner who has track speed. One of the fasts game speed players in the class, regardless of position. Playing him off will create a lot of easy separation and catches underneath unless you bracket him. Minimal lag from snap to top speed, quick accelerator, too.  

    Competitive Toughness - Play strength is suitable to play on the outside but this isn't a player who thrives on winning vs. contact, he's better when you give him more space to work with. Like his effort with the ball in his hands to maximize yardage.   

    Blocking Ability - Wouldn't plant him on the front side of plays and expect a lot of success escorting defenders out of the way. You'll get just enough disruption to allow a back to slip up inside the boundary defender but length, hand strength and urgency aren't notable here. 


    Best Trait - Vertical Receiving

    Worst Trait - Drops

    Best Film - WVU (2018)

    Worst Film - Oklahoma (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Jalen Reagor is one of the most dynamic receiving prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft. Reagor's skill set fits best when projecting forward into a vertical passing offense as a Z-receiver, where he can defeat press coverage, attack down the field and force defenses to respect his speed or pay the consequences. Reagor brings explosive burst and simultaneous control on his stems to carry himself for separation — he's got upside to work inside as a slot receiver as well. NFL starter. 

    Updated: 12/23/2019